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  1. I was put on Effexor XR starting at 37.5 mg for depression and slowly increased to 75mg then to 150mg, I notified my pcp and informed him the 150 mg made me feel like a zombie so we went back to 75mg, easily since I wasn’t on 150 for only a week. I am stage 4 REnel Cell Carcinoma ( kidney) that went to liver. That being said my labs were stable, now reading all of your stories my last labs seem to give me answers. I am also Registered Nurse.
    Over the 3 years taking Effexor 75, I was tired of being on a chemical, so I began taking 75mg every other day, I would get a nausea feeling that I finally stopped attributing to my cancer and took an Effexor and 30 minutes later no nausea, so I thought ok, I’ll wait for nausea before taking next dose. I would only last 24 hours, I kept this up for 6 months and my doctor changed me to 37.5mg which I’m half way done, doing every other day. So far so good.
    My daughter works in a pharmacy and she said that this is the hardest chemical to withdraw from.
    Now to my dilemma, I get my yearly labs done, my pcp calls and said most were good. But your liver enzyme ALT, is high, I respond, why I wonder I had a CAT scan for my yearly cancer screen and liver was good. He stated, well your meds are ok, alcohol is sometimes a problem, I dont know if he believed me but, I told him, I drink an occasional wine maybe one glass a month. ( I get allergic reaction) itchy feet, hands, and blotchy, and had been married to an alcoholic so I don’t drink much, never the desire.
    Also he said your cholesterol has almost doubled and also triglycerides, and blood sugar levels. Plus I gained 40 pounds in 3 years. So I have been worrying about my labs and what’s going on in my body, I try to eat right, no I don’t get enough exercise, I’m 58 years old, a brother close to me died of NASH, non alcohol liver disease, so my research kicked in to overdrive, I need off this BAD CHEMICAL, big Pharma has been fooling us into thinking this will save your soul. ARRRG, Arse hats they are. So I’m hoping once I get off this crap my labs will go back down. I compared my labs for years on Effexor the trending up wards on my labs were steadily for three years, the same time I was introduced to this med.
    I’ll keep you updated on my discovery, I will ask for new labs once this chemical is out of my system.
    Thanks for listening

    1. I also wanted to tell you that I attempted to go up to 3 days without taking 75mg, and whoa, thought I was having an out of body experience. Discombobulated, dizzy, mouth couldn’t form sentences, so I took a bad pill( Effexor) 30, minutes later I was feeling better. But the sweat that has been pouring out of my body with or without exertion is crazy., which I contributed to hormones, I thought had stopped no restarted. I’m hoping it’s the effects of Effexor .

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