Top 3 Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Escondido, California

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Escondido drug rehabilitation

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1.)?North County Serenity House

Escondido retreat rehab

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“North County Serenity House serves women & women with children who wish to recover from drug or alcohol dependence. We also recognize the importance of serving those clients with co-occurring mental health issues. Our programs utilize a strong basis in the 12-Step traditions to help our women establish a stable, lasting base of support as they begin their journey of recovery.”

130 S Fig St, Escondido, CA??

(760) 747-1015?????

alcoholism treatment???outpatient for women

2.) AAE Retreat in Escondido

alcohol treatment escondido

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The AA&E Retreat?provides the most comprehensive program for accurate dual-diagnosis of {substance abuse-addictions-PTSD-psyc-ADD, Bipolar disorders etc-}.?Don’t be fooled by words.?Unlike typical drug rehabs, at the AA&E Retreat you have a team of professionals who together integrate the newest advanced technology utilizing?brain-scans and multiple neuro-psychological tests?for??physical,??psychological? and??neurological? diagnosis “looking at the whole person to identify the [cause}”.”

AAE Retreat

30651 Camino De Las Lomas, Escondido, CA

(877) 379-2273??

3.) Skyline Recovery Drug Rehab

Escondido, california

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Escondido, CA??

(888) 339-7537

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