20 Important Eliquis? Facts You Need to Know About (Apixaban)

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eliquis Apixaban

1.) Eliquis (Apixaban)?is a relatively new medication and selective inhibitor.

It is used mainly to prevent harmful blood clots from forming in the blood vessels.

Eliquis is mostly used to prevent blood clots for people who have had a total hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (blood clots in the veins) and the prevention of stroke in atrial fibrillation.

2.) The drug prevents clot formation by blocking an important pathway

Coagulation cascade is a series of reactions, by which, certain protein complex reacts with co-factors and become active components that then catalyze the next reaction in the series to make a bigger complex, ultimately resulting in cross-linked fibrin (blood clot).

Eliquis prevents an important step in this series of reactions by selectively and reversibly blocking the active site of an enzyme (responsible for activation of Factor X to Factor Xa) without requiring a cofactor (e.g., antithrombin III) and breaks the chain to clot formation.?

(Activation of Factor X to Factor Xa via the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways plays a central role in the blood coagulation)

Unlike the previously best known anticoagulant Warfarin, Eliquis is far much better because it significantly reduces:

  • Risk of stroke or systemic embolism by 21%
  • Risk of major bleeding by 31%
  • Mortality by 11%

3.) Pfizer predicted first-year sales of $350 million

after the FDA approved the drug. However, Eliquis sales for 2013 could not even reach $129 million marks. While, global sales of PRADAXA? were $875 million and $582 million for XARELTO?. Eliquis and Pradaxa are both better than warfarin in preventing stroke. Only Eliquis, however, reduced major bleeding over warfarin and improved mortality. According to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Reports First Quarter 2014 Financial Results, Global revenues for Eliquis were $106 million.Analysts are forecasting a $9 billion market for new blood thinners and a drug that fit Apixabans efficacy and safety profile could snatch half of that. Leerink Swann’s Seamus Fernandez estimated peak Eliquis sales at $4.2 billion in 2017

If you?re new to Eliquis you likely have some questions about the drug. So let?s dive into the most important information about this drug.

4.) General Instruction for Use

The primary use of this medicine is for stroke and clot prevention in people with atrial fibrillation.

The usual dose is 5 mg twice daily (once in the morning and once in the evening, about 12 hours apart).

Unlabeled Uses:

  • To reduce the risk of recurrent DVT and/or PE (in patients completing 6-12 months of standard anticoagulation for venous thromboembolism).
  • Postoperative DVT prophylaxis for arthroplasty of the knee.
  • Postoperative DVT prophylaxis for total hip replacement.

Reduced Dosages:

A reduced dose of 2.5 mg orally twice daily is recommended for patients with 2 or more of the following:

  • Age of 80 years or greater
  • Body weight of 60 kg or less
  • Serum creatinine of 1.5 mg/dL or greater

Many things can affect the dose of medication that a person needs, such as body weight, other medical conditions, and other medications. If your doctor has recommended a dose different from the ones listed here, do not change the way that you are taking the medication without consulting your doctor.

What to do concerning Missed Doses?

If a dose is missed, administer the missed dose as soon as possible on the same day and resume twice daily administration. Doses should not be doubled.

Modifying Doses:

For Renal impaired patients

  • Mild-Moderateimpairment: No dosage adjustment required
  • Serum creatinine ?1.5 mg/dL: Decrease dose to 2.5 mg BID if you are of age ?80 years or weight ?60 kg.
  • ESRD maintained on hemodialysis: 5 mg BID;decrease dose to 2.5 mg BID if you are of age ?80 years or weight ?60 kg.

For Hepatic impaired patient

  • Mild: Not dosage adjustment required
  • Moderate: No dosing recommendations are available, because these patients may have intrinsic coagulation abnormalities.
  • Severe: Not recommended


  • May take with or without food
  • Missed dose: If not taken at the scheduled time, the dose should be taken as soon as possible on the same day and twice daily administration should be resumed; do not double the dose to make up for a missed dose
  • If unable to swallow whole tablets, the tablets may be crushed and suspended in 60 mL D5W and immediately delivered via NG tube

NOTE:No data are available in respect of the safety and efficacy of Eliquis in children. Use of Eliquis is not recommended in children.

5.) Can you Overdose on Eliquis?

The amount of this medication needed to result in an overdose greatly depends on the individual characteristics of the user.

In controlled clinical trials, orally administered Apixaban in healthy subjects at doses up to 50mg daily for 3 to 7 days (25mg twice daily for 7 days or 50mg once daily for 3 days) had no clinically relevant adverse effects.

However, Overdose of Eliquis will greatly increase the risk of severe bleeding in patient.

Can an overdose of this drug result in death??

Yes, this medication can cause bleeding which can be serious and rarely may lead to death.

In the event of an expected overdose, you or your loved ones should take immediate action and seek medical help.

Any?noticeable negative side effect is cause for a medical consultation. These and other symptoms might be signs of an allergy, incompatible drug interactions, or other complications and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Management of Overdoses will vary.

If the overdose was recent, a healthcare provider may give certain medicines or place a tube into the stomach to pump the stomach.

In healthy subjects, administration of activated charcoal 2 and 6 hours after ingestion of a 20-mg dose of Apixaban reduced mean drug AUC by 50% and 27%, respectively.

Thus, administration of activated charcoal may be useful in the management of Apixaban overdose or accidental ingestion.

Once Apixaban has been absorbed into the body, there is no treatment that can remove it quickly and so specific antidotes are known. However, not all hope is lost. An investigational new drug is entering the market known as Andexanet alfa, which is claimed to be a potential antidote for Factor Xa inhibitors.

But for now, the possibility of multiple drugs is considered to manage overdosage.

6.) Eliquis and Severe Bleeding

Call your doctor or get medical help right away if you have any of these signs or symptoms of bleeding when taking Eliquis:

  • Unexpected bleeding or bleeding that lasts a long time, such as unusual bleeding from the gums, nosebleeds that happen often, menstrual bleeding or vaginal bleeding that is heavier than normal.
  • Bleeding that is severe or you cannot control
  • Red, Pink, or Brown urine
  • Red or Black stools (looks like tar)
  • Coughing up blood or blood clots
  • Vomit blood or your vomit looks like coffee grounds
  • Unexpected pain, swelling, or joint pain
  • Headaches, feeling dizzy or muscle weakness

In the event of hemorrhagic complications, treatment must be discontinued and the source of bleeding investigated. The initiation of appropriate treatment, e.g., surgical hemostasis or the transfusion of fresh frozen plasma should be considered.

NOTE: If life-threatening bleeding cannot be controlled by the above measures, administration of recombinant Factor VIIa may be considered. However, there is currently no experience with the use of recombinant Factor VIIa in individuals receiving Apixaban. Re-dosing of recombinant Factor VIIa could be considered and titrated depending on improvement of bleeding. Depending on local availability, a consultation of a coagulation expert should be considered in case of major bleedings.

7.) Associated Side effects and Risks

a.) Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) shown to occur with more than 50mg/day dosage at rate higher than seen with placebo:

Very common Side effects (>10% incidence)?

  • Bleeding: (5% to 12%)

Less Common Side effects (1-10% incidence)?

  • Clinically-Relevant Non-Major Bleeding: (2% to 4%)
  • Nausea: (3%)
  • Anemia: (3%)
  • Major Bleeding: (? 2%)
  • Bruising: (1%)
  • Post-procedural Hemorrhage: (1%)
  • GGT Increased: (1%)
  • Transaminases Increased: (1%)
  • Hypersensitivity Reactions: (< 1%)
  • Syncope: (< 1%)
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding (upper GI, lower GI and rectal bleeding): (0.83%/year)
  • Intracranial Bleeding: (0.33%/year)
  • Intraocular Bleeding: (0.21%/year)

b.) Contraindications

  • Active pathological bleeding: Eliquis use increases the risk of bleeding and may cause serious and potentially fatal bleeding. Concomitant use of drugs affecting hemostasis i.e., Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs), antiplatelets, Thrombolytic agents, and other anticoagulants increases the risk of bleeding. Patients should be educated on the signs and symptoms of bleeding and instructed to report them immediately or go to an emergency room.
  • Severe hypersensitivity to Eliquis: Use in patients with a severe hypersensitivity reaction (i.e. anaphylactic reaction) to Eliquis or any component of the formulation is contraindicated.

c.) Other?Warnings?and?Precautions:

  • It should be taken into serious consideration that Eliquis is NOT indicated for prosthetic heart valves or for mitral stenosis.
  • Eliquis is also NOT indicated as add-on treatment for dual antiplatelet therapy in secondary prevention of coronary incidents (Triple therapy).

8.) Apixaban Cost-Effectiveness Compared with Warfarin or Aspirin

Apixaban is a cost-effective alternative to warfarin in warfarin-suitable candidates and also compares well with aspirin in patients who cannot take the vitamin K antagonist.

The findings, derived from randomized trial data, were published online February 16, 2014, ahead of print in the European Heart Journal.

According to Dr. Dorian and colleagues, the higher treatment cost for Apixaban was lessened from 2 factors: the price of the drug itself and the additional time patients spent taking it.

The choice of an optimal anticoagulant in patients should involve careful consideration of stroke prevention efficacy, bleeding risk, tolerability profile, and resource burden associated with therapeutic management. Our analysis clearly demonstrates that Apixaban, when compared with the current standard of care provides a cost-effective alternative for prevention of thromboembolic events, researchers said.

9.) Does Eliquis Have Drug Interactions

Drug interactions may change how your medications work or increase your risk for serious side effects. Do not start, stop, or change the dosage of any medicines without your doctor’s approval.

Some products that may interact with this drug include:

  • Drugs that reduce the activity of the liver enzymes that break down Apixaban increase the Blood levels of Apixaban. The dose of Apixaban should be reduced to 2.5 mg twice daily if combined with drugs that reduce the activity of these enzymes. Examples include ketoconazole (Nizoral, Extina, Xolegel, Kuric), itraconazole (Sporanox), ritonavir (Norvir), and clarithromycin (Biaxin, Biaxin XL). Antibiotics such as clarithromycin may also increase the risk of side effects associated with Eliquis.
  • Drugs that increase the breakdown of Apixaban reduce its blood levels and its effectiveness. Examples include carbamazepine (Tegretol, Tegretol XR, Equetro, Carbatrol), rifampin, some herbal products like St. John’s Wort, and phenytoin (Dilantin, Dilantin-125). They should not be combined with Apixaban.
  • Administration of other drugs that also can prevent clotting will increase the risk of bleeding during treatment with Apixaban. Examples include aspirin, heparin, chronic use of NSAIDs, and drugs that break down blood clots (fibrinolytic).Other anticoagulants such as clopidogrel or warfarin may also increase bleeding risk when combined with Eliquis.

10.) Eliquis Black Box Warnings

Discontinuing in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation:

  • Discontinuing Eliquis without adequate continuous anticoagulation places patients at an increased risk of stroke.
  • An increased rate of stroke was observed following discontinuation of Apixaban in clinical trials in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation
  • If anticoagulation with Eliquis must be discontinued for a reason other than pathological bleeding, coverage with another anticoagulant should be strongly considered. Do not stop taking this medication without talking to your doctor.

Spinal/epidural hematoma:

  • Increased risk of epidural or spinal hematoma when used with neuraxial anesthesia (epidural/spinal anesthesia) or spinal puncture (can result in long-term or permanent paralysis)
  • Risk increased with indwelling epidural catheters for administration of analgesia or by the concomitant use of drugs affecting hemostasis (e.g., NSAIDs, platelet aggregation inhibitors, other anticoagulants)
  • Risk also increased by traumatic or repeated epidural or spinal puncture; if this occurs, delay Apixaban administration for 48 hour
  • Monitor patients for signs and symptoms of neurologic impairment; if neurologic compromise is noted, urgent treatment is necessary
  • Indwelling epidural or intrathecal catheters should not be removed earlier than 24 hours after the last administration of Eliquis; the next Eliquis dose should not be administered earlier than 5 hours after the removal of the catheter

11.) Eliquis and Lactose Intolerance?

Eliquis tablets contain a good quantity of lactose and should be taken with caution by people with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, the LAPP lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption. Lactose is the main sugar in milk and other dairy products.

Lactose intolerance is not curable.

If you have LI, you might have one or more of these symptoms. They may be mild or severe.

  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Painful gas
  • Nausea

If you have lactose intolerance, you can’t digest lactose because your small intestine doesn’t make enough lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose. The lactose that isn’t digested makes gas in your colon. So when you eat foods or take pills with lactose, you have symptoms.

Even with lactose intolerance, you can tolerate a certain amount of lactose. This affects how quickly you have symptoms and how severe they are. Talk to your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms after taking this medication.

12.) What About Withdrawals from Eliquis?

(NOTE: Do not reduce or stop your regimen without the doctors approval and oversight)

Eliquis comes with a Black Box warning regarding its withdrawal.

Do not stop taking Apixaban without talking to your doctor.

You are at a higher risk of having a stroke after you stop taking Apixaban.

Continue to take Apixaban even if you feel well.

Be sure to refill your prescription before you run out of medication so that you will not miss any doses of Apixaban.

Your doctor may prescribe another anticoagulant or blood thinner, if you need to stop taking Apixaban, to help prevent a blood clot from forming and causing you to have a stroke.

13.) What About Eliquis and Pregnancy?

a.) Eliquis is pregnancy category B drug. If you are pregnant or become pregnant while taking Pristiq, you should talk to your doctor about alternative treatments for your condition.

There are no good studies of Apixaban in pregnant women.

Treatment is likely to increase the risk of bleeding during pregnancy and delivery.

Apixaban should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the mother and unborn baby.

Studies in animals dosed directly with Apixaban have shown no effect on fertility. However, in the female offspring of pregnant rats treated with Apixaban, there were decreases in mating and fertility.

b.) Nursing while on this drug is not recommended.

Tell your doctor if you are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed.

It is unknown whether Apixaban or its metabolites are excreted in human milk.

In lab studies, this drug was found to be excreted in rat?s milk (12% of the maternal dose).

About ELIQUIS Film-coated Tablets

A film coating is a thin polymer-based coat applied to a solid dosage form such as a tablet. The purpose of applying the film coating may be decorative, functional (like easy swallowing, or to prevent the bitter taste while taking the medicine) or both.

Pricing Information:

  • Eliquis? 2.5mg Film-coated Tablets:

60-tabs/$314.14 and 100-tabs/$520.74

Each yellow, round tablet, with “893” marked on one side and “2 ?” on the other side, contains 2.5 mg Apixaban.

  • Eliquis? 5mg Film-coated Tablets:

60-tabs/$314.14 and 100-tabs/$520.74

Each pink, oval tablet, with “894” marked on one side and “5” on the other side, contains 5 mg Apixaban.

Eliquis? is available as a brand name drug only. A generic version is not yet available. Prices are for cash paying customers only and are not valid with insurance plans. Actual costs to patients will vary depending on the use of specific retail or mail-order locations and health insurance copays.

14.) Your surgeon or anesthesiologist needs to know that you are taking Eliquis

You must inform them f you are having any type of surgery, including oral or dental surgery. Eliquis may cause heavy bleeding during surgery which may be life-threatening.

15.) Eliquis and laboratory tests

Apixaban prolongs clotting tests such as prothrombin time (PT), and activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT). Although Eliquis therapy will lead to an elevated INR, depending on the timing of the measurement, the INR is not a valid measure to assess the anticoagulant activity of Eliquis.

The INR is only calibrated and validated for vitamin K antagonists (VKA) and should not be used for any other anticoagulant, including Eliquis.

16.)?Reversing anticoagulant effect through conventional drugs

Protamine sulfate and vitamin K are considered as antidotes for anticoagulants like warfarin etc. But these would not affect the anticoagulant activity of Apixaban.

17.) Important! Avoid drinking grapefruit juice when taking this medication?

Grapefruit juice may increase Apixaban serum concentration and increase your chances of severe bleeding.

18.) Temporary discontinuations of anticoagulants, including Eliquis, for active bleeding, elective surgery, or invasive procedures places patients at an increased risk of thrombosis. Lapses in therapy should be avoided and if anticoagulation with Eliquis must be temporarily discontinued for any reason, therapy should be restarted as soon as possible.

19.) If you want to switch from Vitamin K antagonist (VKA) therapy to Eliquis?your doctor will discontinue warfarin or other VKA therapy and start Apixaban when the international normalized ratio (INR) is less than 2.0.

20.) What is the?half-life of Eliquis?

The half-life of Apixaban is 5-6 hour normally but a patient on repeated dosing will show an apparent half-life of 12 hours.? Eliquis is highly protein bound (87%) and NOT dialyzable.


Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Marketed by:

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Pfizer Inc.

Inactive ingredients:

  • Anhydrous Lactose
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose,
  • Croscarmellose Sodium
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Magnesium Stearate.

The film coating contains:

  • Lactose Monohydrate
  • Hypromellose
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Triacetin
  • Yellow Iron Oxide (for 2.5mg Tablets)
  • Or Red Iron Oxide (for 5mg Tablets)


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152 thoughts on “20 Important Eliquis? Facts You Need to Know About (Apixaban)”

  1. james barrett

    On the package insert there is a statement that taking alcohol with eliquis is “risky”. It does not say what that “risk” is. Elsewhere there is a statement that you can use alcohol while on eliquis, but it is vague on how much(“one drink”; avoid “regular use” of alcohol, etc.)

    I am a social drinker (regularly a drink before dinner; wine with dinner). I am 81, and have had no difficulties with this amount of alcohol use.

    The eliquis has been prescribed for me to prevent clot formation secondary to chronic atrial fibrillation. I now am wondering if I should not begin taking it with my level of alcohol use.

    1. I drink 3 to 4 beers at a time and my hemoglobin is never under 17 on 5 mg every 12 hours. Now my doctor said no more than 2 Maybe if I drank a 6 pack my hemo globe would get to 14 where it should be

    1. My Specalist consulted my various blood tests. I consider my Specialist as one of the most intelligent and resourceful Dr’s that I have ever dealt with. After reviewing my blood tests He explained that Vit A and E should not be taken. But continue with Vit K. My Vascular Surgeon never explained any of the Vit requirements. Hope this helps. Always find a well versed Dr that will spend some quality time explaining your blood tests. He mindfully indicated an imediate trip to Emergency. My Primary Dr. Never picked up or discussed my blood clot possibility. Good Dr’s are few and far between. God Bless Dr Fernandez

      1. Don Pittman

        You should never take vitamin K with Eliquis. And you should not have published this uninformed reply – it is potentially deadly to take the two together. D

        1. Do you have a citation for that? I’ve never heard that taking vitamin k is contraindicated when taking Eliquis. I have only hear that for warfarin, and with warfarin it is only true that vitamin k intake must be at a consistent level. It is the fluctuation in vitamin k intake that is dangerous when taking warfarin.

          1. My brother takes Eliquis. I specifically asked about vitamin K or certain food restrictions. The Dr said there aren’t any with Eliquis as there is with Warfarin

        2. Theresa Whiddon

          Vitamin K is not an antidote to Eliquis. In fact, the antidote to Eliquis is not yet on the market.

    2. Art Mathes

      Since I have been put on Eliquis , I get a total BLACK Out when I walk without any warning. I drop to the floor and am awake immediately. I get up and can continue to walk. Are these Black Outs from Eliquis or is there another factor????

      1. Syncope is a listed side effect in the article above. Are you blacking out shortly after getting up from a laying or sitting position to begin walking? If so, you will need to take a few more minutes between positions to give your body time to adjust. Some blood pressure medicines can also cause syncope.

  2. D.Hancock

    I’m new to apixaban. I have a portion of grapefruit every morning with breakfast. Must I now stop this ? I saw a pharmacist the other day who told me grapefruit was not harmful to me. Thanks.

  3. D.Hancock

    I have just phoned Bristol-Myers- Squibb ( forgive my spelling ) regarding the item number 17 above. They tell me grapefruit/ grapefruit juice causes no problem at all whilst taking Eliquis/ apixaban tablets.
    You gave me a nasty fright saying I must avoid it.

    1. Don Pittman

      That is like phoning Toyota and asking if it is OK to buy a Toyota. Mayo Clinic says you should not eat grapefruit while on Eliquis. Better yet ask your doctor.

      1. Cislin Williams

        Just thought I might add that I was recently prescribed Eliquis and the reading material that comes with the prescription says to avoid Grapefruit.

  4. Stieglitz Paul

    Can apixaban enhance digestive troubles in IBS ?
    Thanks to answer : I haven’t found any information about that issue.

    1. I have silent acid reflux and it sure aggravated it, I was on Multaq and Lopressor too for afib and another heart condition, so wasn’t sure. Then got off the Multaq and am now sure it’s the Eliquis aggravating my condition. Despite the cardiologist, surgeon, and primary care telling me that’s not a side effect of the drug.

      1. charlotte smetzer

        Hi Sherry I am having the same issue and I am being told its not eliquis, but i believe it is

      2. Enrique Lopez

        I have same issues I guess they get pay extras for give this shit away

        1. D. Baird

          You’re right. From my research, approx. 50% of doctors are paid by drug companies to prescribe their drugs. I wish this was commonly known to patients. I’m on Eliquis, too, and have had leg weakness/pain/tinging since starting it and the cost of this drug is obscene. I’m looking for another option.

  5. Christine Neill

    Christine Neill, I have been on Apixaban since Febuary and 2 weeks later, since then till now my muscles have been sore. Is this a side affect. Can a reply be sent to my e-mail address please. Thank you.

    1. I have been on it a m9nth and my muscle/nerve pain became u bearable. I stopped taking it yesterday and already feel better.Did you have neck, arm, leg pain with it? Have uou switched to another blood thinner now? Ive read xeralto causes back pain. I dont want to take any of them. I have a fib.

    2. Muscle pain became unbearable after eight months on Eliquis. I also had burning sensation in my legs and joints. Stopped taking it and symptoms stopped too.

  6. I had been taking eliquis for about 2 yrs for a-fib. my Dr. has discontinued it a couple of weeks ago after successful ablation. Is there some degree of withdrawal symp. I have felt progressively wor=se since stopping this drug.

    1. My mother had a successful ablation surgery. Months later she threw a clot that lodged behind her eye and the surgeons were able to save her live by removing through her groin. (She had a stroke). Her cardiologist and heart surgeon immediately put her back on blood thinner! I strongly recommend you stay on the medication. Ask about an implantable heart monitor that can be monitored over an extended amount of time via computer to be certain you Afib is corrected. Also note that you can not always feel the flutters. I hope this is helpful.

    2. I’ve been taking Eliquis and Multaq for afib. I was taking Sotolol instead of Mutlaq, but had horrible side effects. Had a successful (as far as I know) ablation surgery December 2016, the doctor told me I could get off Multaq end of February so I did, and the dizzy spells I was having went away. He told me I had to wait until June 2017 when he sees me again, to make 100% sure the ablation was successful before he’ll remove me from the Eliquis. However, having another heart condition all my adult life, and the various doctors, and them being wrong or fumbling in the dark, I’ve learned to “doctor” myself. I’ve had horrible side effects from the Eliquis, muscle pain, weight gain, tiredness, fuzzy brain, worsening of acid reflux…so…since I have a defibrillator installed (from losing consciousness June 2016) when they discovered my afib, so 3 days ago I cut back to 1 Eliquis dose, my evening dose, and I do feel a little better. But I do that at my own risk. Would love to get off all of it, but will wait for June.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear about your side effects but I am also relieved because I had noticed the list you spoke of- reflux, foggy brain, weight gain, tired and esp the muscle pain after I water aerobics or strength training or even walking twenty minutes. Muscle soreness after exercise is expected but not being able to perform daily activities for 2-3 days after exercise is ridiculous. Some days are worse than others and I may cry but keep going thru it. I am currently in rhythm but have an ablation scheduled in June. I hope and pray it works then six months later I can come off this poison.

  7. I have been on Elaquis for a DVT in my left leg for about 8 week’s and my last MRI has shown my DVT is smaller and I’m praying that I can return to normal soon

    1. Hi Tammie I hope it all went well with the dvt disapearing and getting off Eliquis. I know it’s been almost 1 yr since you posted on here. I have been diagnosed with a recurrent dvt on my left calf . Its the length of my whole calf. I am also on Eliquis now 8 wks. I’m curious to know how it all went for you?
      Did you see a specialist once diagnosed? As I’m not too happy with my gps, Lack of information. I’m mainly doing my own research. Im on 5mg twice in the morning and twice in the evening. I still feel pain and the sight of my lower leg is horrific now with veins popping out and skin discolouration near the foot. Ive just turned 46 and this all still feels surreal to me. My lifestyle took a 360 turn overnight… omg these compression stockings (great for the labido),shall i say more. Swelling, pains, leg up leg down.(can never find a comfy position ) headaches,joint pains. Bruising… don’t stand too long, don’t sit too long or else!
      I have no idea if anyone still reads this.. but I’m also hoping i get a scan soon and this dvt (nightmare) is shrinking. But my 2nd Dr informed me its never going as i have it for life… hmmm not happy.
      Its like the visitor from Hell that just doesn’t know when to leave lol.

      1. Hi Gerry. I’ve had blood clots in my legs since I was 19 and I am now 50. My veins around my feet look awful but grateful I still have legs. My clots went from toes up through my abdomen last year. Eventually overtime most clots are absorbed back into your body. I found out last year that some of my original clots were still there until I was given lyric surgery that removed a clear path through my veins. I love my compression stockings and they even make sexy leggings now and different colors other than the nasty white ones from 30 years ago. I do not need them all the time. Hardly ever but they are great when you go through a swelling period, flights and travel. Take your meds, live a normal life and dont worry about the ugly veins. They are nothing when you realize you could be dead instead or without legs. When I was 19 they considered removing my legs. Thank God for doctors who fought that. I have had clots 10 times or more and will always have to worry about them. If this is all I have to worry about I’m doing pretty good. Things could always be worse and the only person who actually cares about the broken veins is us. We are our own worst critics. No one else cares or even looks. Focus on your good things 😉

        1. Thank you Maggie.
          My hematologist explained that eliquis prevents new clots formation, not necessary breaks old. What is lyric surgery? I will be seeing vascular surgeon sometimes later (it’s my only 3rd week on eliquis)
          This is my second clot (left calf) and my hematologist thinks subtherapeutic dose of xarelto 10 min as prophylactic measure once I am done with 3 months. If you had 10, mds never kept you on prophylactic dose ? Baby aspirin daily is another option on the table, but my hematologist would like to see blood tests in 3 months first

        2. RichKolo

          HaVe you had your blood TMAO level tested? Most doctors are unaware of the this gut microbe that causes hypercoagulability. Its what caused my DVT at age 63.

      2. They told me I would be on it for life. I’ve had three blood clots. One behind my right leg and two behind my left. My lower right leg and ankle are discolor also. I wish I could find an expert who could really help me to know what is really going on. I have bad headaches and body aches. I have been on xeralto from June to September 2017 and could not tolerate it so they put me on eliquis. I’m diabetic type to and take blood pressure pills. I am 66 yrs of age. I just keep going and feel better when I’m busy. Also have to use a cane and have a nice walker but try to walk without it. I ask God to help me get thru it everyday.

        1. Had a car reck in Oct 2017. Jan 2018 started having left arm pain. Found blood clot in subclavian artery Was put on Eliquis 20 mg daily. Then 14 days later went to 10 mg daily. Im tired all the time. Headaches / bloating/ weight gain. Arm started hurting again 2 days ago. I hate this drug!!!! Is it possible clot could reaccure while on thinner?

          1. Robin Fiveash

            I have clot in my subclavian artery, also. Where exactly is this located? My internist is somewhat an idiot, and couldn’t give me a clear answer.

  8. If the tablet breaks is it still safe to take? Is grapefruit ok or not?

    1. Grapefruit is not ok. See Below:
      The amount of apixaban in your blood may increase and cause more side effects than expected, including bleeding, bleeding from your gums, nosebleeds, unusual bruising, or dark stools.

      What you should do about this interaction:

      While you are taking this medicine, you should avoid eating grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice. You may choose an alternative citrus beverage (such as orange juice).In the event that you are instructed by a healthcare professional (e.g., doctor, pharmacist, or dietitian) to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice, you should immediately discuss with doctor the effects of grapefruit on the blood levels of this medicine. If you have any signs of bleeding, such as bleeding from your gums, nosebleeds, unusual bruising, or dark stools, contact your doctor right away.Your healthcare professionals may be aware of this interaction and may be monitoring you for it. Do not start, stop, or change your medicine or diet before checking with them first.

  9. Roger Marchant

    What pain-relievers are permitted when taking Eliquis tablets?

    1. Only tylenol is safe. You cannot take any NSAIDS like ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin. However, I read in my research (I had a cardiac ablation for afib and now have to take this drug) that you may have MAJOR side effects by ingesting caffeine, tylenol and eliquis in combination, so don’t drink caffeine if you need to take tylenol.

    1. The doctors told me no, but since I haven’t changed my diet, or my exercise routine, and the only new thing in my life is the Eliquis….and I suddenly gained 15 lbs. in the 9 months I’ve been on it…hmmm…

      1. I have been on eliquist for 5 mos and 15lbs up! I can?t lose any weight, 45 mins on cardio daily and no carbs too …well wine at night I confess.

        1. My husband was on Eliquis for several months and leg and thigh swelling with weight gain, up to 17 lb occurred. He passed out two days in a row and hospital found he needed six red blood cell transfusions, was at 5 instead of 10-12 on red blood. His breathlessness has gone and swelling gone with torsemide, a diuretic, producing a weight loss of this fluid/water in two weeks.

    2. I imagine if they told any of us we would quickly gain a lot of weight, no matter what we ate or how many miles a day we walked, we would have been overly enthused about starting Eliquis. I am convinced it causes weight gain. My weight had always been stable and when I wanted to lose a few lbs. dieting was always a breeze. I gained 8 lbs. immediately when I started on Eliquis. The doctors told me it was from all the fluids while in the hospital. Well, it never went away, only got worse. It does not matter what I eat or don’t eat, I cannot lose weight. No amount of exercise works. I now have permission to discontinue Eliquis after 8 months no issues following successful ablation. I have a loop recorder and my doctor insists they will call me if they see any reason for concern. I’m still apprehensive but also hoping to lose the weight. Has anyone on here ever discontinued Eliquis?

  10. I am on Eliquis 5 mg twice a day for the past four months. I also underwent Cardio version a week back . I am leading a normal life otherwise , no discomfort. BP normal no BP medicine. I have observed slight bleeding from mouth ( fresh blood) erlier but it did not persist. Since day before yesterday I have experienced slight persisiting bleeding from mouth which suppresses when cold water is taken. Mostly in the morning and evening( after rest). Is it a matter of concern. Any advise, anyone

  11. Quitting Eloquis is said to increase the risk of stroke. By how much? Does the risk revert back to the same level is it was before Eloqis medication was commenced? This is an important question for “quitters”.

    1. I am interested in that as well. Does increased risk mean if your AF has not been corrected or is the risk is increased not matter what? Thanks for asking it.

  12. I had a pacemaker inserted a year ago. The data from it reveal that I have Afib events about 0.7 percent of the time. However, the longest event was 5 hours. I am asymptomatic, but sometimes feel brief flutter when awake. Prior to the pacemaker no ECGs or other routine tests had revealed the condition. I have never had a stroke and I am 80. I do have a history of right bundle branch block.

    Should I really be on this drug?

  13. My mother is 88 and has DVT in her right leg. It is very swollen. She was put on apixaban 6 days ago (2.5mg) and last night she began to feel terribly sick and passed loose stools. She still feels very sick but hasn’t been sick. She has also developed a headache and her blood pressure has gone up. Is this something to be worried about? Also, her doctor has told her she will only be on this drug for 3 months. I have done some research and everywhere it says not to stop this drug suddenly. Any advice please?

  14. Allison Kaas

    I have been prescribed eliquis for a three month period. My question is how long after my three months is over can i resume my social drinking :-)?

  15. I’m going to have knee surgery, the first time he used warfrin this time he said he uses elaquis. How safe is this drug? 40 years ago I had a dvt when giving birth,no problem since.

  16. Enid jones

    I am thinking of being put one eliquis but would like to hear of anyone who has been takings it for at least 12 months. I have been on warfarin for 5 years following an ablation and fed up,of going almost weekly to have it monitored because it is so unstable. I would appreciate knowing whether you can take painkillers with this medication and what happens if you were injured any time. Your help would b greatly appreciated

    1. m.rivera

      I have been on eliquis since 2015, I am going to be on it for the rest of my life due to reoccurring DVT’s, I am 36. I was initially given warfen but switched ro eliquius for the simple fact that I don’t like living in a labratory, even though warfen is cheaper, adding up laboratory costs and trips, eliquis is far better switching from warfen to eliquis was rough do to side effects, non significant pains, i had spots of blood on my gums, constipation, weird brusing, fatigue, and nose bleeds in transition. this lasted about 3 months. after transition like with any medication your boidy reaction depends on your body! I don’t have to monitor or adjust my medication dose, I can eat green vegetables on occasion, take tylenol, there is an extensive drug interaction list however some of these drugs i can take without interraction and other meds and foods i do have a reaction. my specialist told me with eliquis its very personal and trial and error. I have banged my legs, recieved minor injuries and i bruise but do not bleed, turn black, or get a clot. not like warfen. i still have an occasional cold weather nose bleed and its minimal not like niagra falls warfen. Eliquis helps the blood but doesnt make living impossible/ during my transition i took monitoring INR testing to make sure there wasn’t adverse reactions from switching meds even though vascular and heart doctor said it wasn’t nessesary but PPO suggested it and for my own peice of mind.

      1. Logan L.

        do you know why your dvt’s are occurring and how you’ve acquired that problem? I’m searching for causes.

        1. Daniel knight

          I have had dvt’s since I was 25 and I’m 42 now. My first dvt was from my ankle to my grown in my main arty. Since then I’ve had 20 plus blood clots in the same leg. When I was 39 I had another DVT in the same leg(left) and a few more clots. I have a protein c&s def. lol I can’t spell that word. But it means I have no control over how fast my blood clots. they seem to be getting worser the older I get.

          1. Hey Daniel, How were the cloths removed ?

        2. My hematologist said prior one is the root cause. My first one was with pregnancy, 2 nd one was unprovoked

    2. I started on Eliquis 3 years ago after catheter ablation. I only use Tylenol for pain control the caveat being you must be very careful about alcohol consumption while using Tylenol. I had an emergency appendectomy a year ago and the surgery was delayed for about 12 hours until most of the Eliquis was out of my system..They did have blood standing by but I didn’t need it. Generally speaking, 2 days off Eliquis seems to be the rule before any surgeries, I’ve had hernia repair and colonoscopy and those were the guidelines that my doctor followed.

    3. Vikki Higgins

      I have taken Eliquis for 14 months. I had a DVT in left upper leg, and PEs in my lung. 12 years ago I had a DVT in lower right leg. Both due to hormones, as I have Addison’s disease. I’ve had two bad fallsin 3 months, one resulting in a broken arm that resulted in surgery, which caused me to be on Eliquis 3 extra months. I prefer Eliquis over Coumadin, but hoping to be off of it in September.

      1. Hello I had PE in ny lungs too so how will you know their gone? By CT SCAN again? Thanks

        1. I have that same question. How will we know when PEs are gone — or sufficiently reduced that I can be cleared for overdue total knee replacement surgery. Please will someone answer this question that May and I have posed.

    4. I’ve been on Aliquis since September 2017 I would not recommend Aliquis It makes you stink,,urine really stinks and changes your taste buds.

      1. Diane Boyd

        I was on eloquis for only 10 days after surgery, and I can’t taste anything. I quit taking it, but will taste and texture come back?

    5. I’m 95 years old & have been on Eliquis for years with no ill affects,last year I had a T I A had lots of tests in hospital all should clear so thanks I put this result down to me taking Eliquest.as there was no loss of speech or paralysis

    6. I’ve been on Eliquest for 4 years I am now 95 years old I’ve never had any bad side affects
      My Cardiologist told me the only pain killer you should take is Panadol & it has always
      helped me .Good luck with your Eliquest regards .NL.

    7. Ray Grimes

      Been 2 yrs Eliquis. No problem except weigh gain. 50 lbs. Norco for pain. Seldom.

    8. I have been taking Eliquis for more than 12 months. The only side-affects I have had is some fatigue and weight gain. I have not needed pain meds but if I did, I would not be afraid of them as long as they are taken as prescribed.

    9. I have been on Eliquis for 5 years. Tylenol for regular aches and pains, but post total knee was put on Oxy with tylenol, and Tegretol. Hated both Tylenol arthritis strength worked better.

  17. lorelei tsoukalas

    I have a history of going into a-fib once or twice yearly and know exactly when I go into it and go to be cardioversioned. I also have highe bood preasure controlled with meds. Always was on just 325 aspirin daily but nw they want me to live on eloquis because I am 70 years old.Never had a problem with aspirin. With eloquis I have had very loose stools. Is it really necesary for me to be on this drug. I am very concerned about the bleeding effects but Dr. insists I be on a blood thinner. Necessary?? or not??

    1. don rexer

      My cardiologist says that only 6 minutes of AF is enough to cause a clot which can then cause a stroke. I believe I have read that AF is less of a risk for stroke before the age of 60 or 65. At your age, your doctor may be attempting to prevent stroke due to AF.

  18. Willie G Grubbs

    What’s a good way to diet without eating vegetables or salads on this drug I’ve had two hip replacements and iam gaining weight how can i lose this weight

    1. Logan L.

      movement is crucial for you to not get blood clots and without it its hard to burn calories. even on eliquis you can get clots. my friend had double hip replacement they forced him to walk stairs still. i also suggest curls or flys some sort of excursive to pump blood flow. besides that. fruits and veggies are full of nutrition and stimulate metabolism/ makes for lean healthy living. raw food diet!!!

  19. Barry beer

    I have just started taking eliquis and have not found anything relating to not drinking alcohol whilst on it has any body read anything different your comments would be very helpful please

    1. Janet kay

      Hi, I have asked dr’s about this drinking whilst on abixaban. The reason they may say not to drink, is, if you was to get tipsy or drunk, and had a fall, you can well imagine what the outcome would be if you had a bad cut…….yes, you would bleed out

    2. Hi. I have been on Eliquis for about 6 months for a DVT in my lower left leg. I am 59, athletic, still do 20 minutes on the heavy bag, lift weights, run and do good ab workouts. The DVT was caused by 3 genetic mutations in my blood. I was in great shape before this. But the side effects suck. I’m 6’02, 208 pounds athletically built, and work a physically demanding job. But now I wear thermal underwear if its under 50 degrees because I’m always cold. I have neuropathy in my feet (feels like my socks are bunched up by my toes), my fingers tingle, and at times, my teeth/gums feel numb. I am tired all the time. My body aches for no reason. If I cut myself shaving it’s like a crime scene. But according to my doctor, alcohol is processed through the liver BEFORE the Eliquis can do what it’s supposed to, and magnifies the side effects. Even without alcohol it sucks and I have the same side effects. My doctor says except for the fatigue and bleeding, the FDA has not identified any of the other sider effects I’ve mentioned. But the woman who dose the ultrasound every month monitoring the clot says the side effects I mentioned are VERY common. Frankly, I believe in two years you’ll be seeing commercials on television from law firms talking about the side effects from this drug. It’s only been on the market a few years. My good friend is on Warfarin for a stroke and has ZERO side effects. In all honesty, I’m ready to quit this stuff because my quality of life has been reduced about 80%. Bristol Myers cares about money, not saving your life…..

  20. Linda thomas

    Can I take Vitamin C while on Eliquis? I take 5 mg twice a day. I used to take a Vitamin C during the winter months to help prevent colds.

    1. Logan L.

      i took eliquis for 2 months not taking extra vit c. i take tons of vitamin c currently. i see no negative effect. we need vit c for vein health which i think is important considering possible damage to valves in the veins from moving clots. the valves make our veins like a syphon helping blood flow go just one direction. i also take a vein tonic. Post thrombotic syndrome is believed to be caused by this.

      1. which Vein Tonic do you take ? and did you take VitC WHILE you were on eliquis or was it forbidden?

  21. Logan L.

    i have been on eliquis 2.5 months. I’m really most concerned with side effects long term cause i get along alright for now. but i heard it gets stuck in the kidneys pretty good. is this damaging my veins and kidneys? info on damaged vein valves? and have no clue why i am getting my clots the first one was created from a 12 hr drive w/only one stop. and then i took like 3 more drives that week till it became very swollen painful and my muscles in my calf quit working and i couldn’t walk or stand. kidney failure or lung failure could cause blood clots? I’ve read some reviews saying its a possibility. while on eliquis i took a 6 hour drive stopping every hour stretch/walk/elevate for 15 min. but swelling in my leg occurred and i know that i gained clots in my other leg. i am in good shape eat fairly healthy. i smoked for 10 years but have now quit. i am 27 y/o. I’ve had 3 doctors they all say different things and none of them had heard of PTS. at this point i feel like i know more than they do. doctors only good for diagnosing. but I’m worried about the cause of this dvt… I’m not convinced it was the drive. i have done much bigger drives pretty consistently in my life. I’m worried something is causing clots in my blood. please reply I’ve noticed no ones questions get answered here

    1. I would recommend seeing a hematologist, it may be genetics.

      I’m no expert, I’m 25 with a PE that was supposedly caused by oral contraceptives and/or traveling. I’m still going to schedule an appointment with a hematologist for a genetic test because neither of those are definitive and I refuse to believe two things I love could have killed me.

      1. Believe it. Oral contraceptives have a black box warning about causing blood clots. And traveling without frequent stops is a danger that is well known. Those were what caused my PE six years ago, and nearly killed me. Testing proved that I have and underlying clotting condition, but it never would have happened without the combo of the BC pills and the 8 hour drive. I will be on anti coagulant meds forever now…

      2. Margaret Long

        Possible you may have factor V Leiden which makes you more succeptable to blood clots.

      3. I too have PE (multiple bilateral clots in both lungs). I was diagnosed just days after having a cardiac ablation for pvcs. They claim I got them from birth controls, but I believe I got them from the ablation. I was doing okay beforehand. Now my heart feels worst then ever and I have more trouble breathing. Also, I have continuous faint episodes. I’m under a Hematologist now. I’ve been on eliquis for about 3 weeks now and was told ill be on it for 6 months. Afterwards, there will be more tests run.

  22. Craig steinhoff

    Plenty of info on starting and taking eliquis. What happens once you finish your prescribed therapy. I have been on eliquis for six months for a DVT in my lower leg. The color of my leg is better but it still swells an gets warm. My doctor says just stop taking eliquis after six months. Ok I guess I will keep a close watch to see if I have any further complications.

  23. I’m not the one on Eliquis, but my husband is. He’s been taking it over a year now. I’m concerned that he drinks too much alcohol. One Saturday I found out he drank 10 beers over the course of the day. I’ve expressed my concern with him a few times. He tells me he will stop drinking so much. He will boy drink for maybe five days and then binges. Please can someone explain the dangers so I can give him more concrete information?

  24. Alan ward

    Suffering muscle fatigue and soreness in the side and back,difficulty walking . Cannot sleep at night due to the pain in my back sides

    1. I’m experiencing the exact same thing. I know this post old, but what’s the update of your situation?

  25. I have been on eliquis for almost 2 yrs
    Since day one i have had tingleing and muscle weakness
    Now im almost to the point of no leg strength at all
    And joint pain at times i almost cry
    And am just now learning it may be what is affecting my eyes
    Now none of this has been linked to eliquis by a doctor
    But eliquis is the only one constant that ive been on
    And hearing some others it appears we share the same side effect
    But it seems eliquis is keeping me from forming more clots
    So what do you do ?

    1. robert, i would do some moderate exercises, and go to see th doctor, lots of these comments/questions, do not say what age size, or health they (you) are in, Can you drink alcohol, my doctors says yes,can i take n sads (IB) well not really,again see the doctor,best if in pain codeine/or others like paracetamol/acetaminophen(same) eat fruit Veg, try to keep meds, 12 hours apart, but don,t double dose if you miss one, all this from my doc, or and internet, i have af,it is worrying, but best to know as they say, and it seems a good drug.

    2. Eliquis blurred my vision and made me very lethargic I stopped it and just take low dose aspirin I feel better now.

  26. shazia khan

    Have started taking Eliquis a month ago for severe clotting on both my lungs and legs. Never smoke or drink in my life so cause of it is still unknown. I noticed fatigued leg pain and increase in my appetite having hard time sleeping at night . 7lbs weight gain in 20 days . Neck and face swelling . I have to be on it for a whole year . I have experienced very heavy bleeding during my menstral cycle. Is my life going to be like this while I am taking it or it will get better with time ? I am really worried . Looks like my life is over if all these symptoms continue.

    1. i also have the leg fatigue and weakness as some of you. i have gone from walking 2 miles a day to not being able to make it through the grocery store. i can’t stand more than a minute or two without sitting down. i also have horrible cramping and muscle spasms. i have been on Eliquis for about a year and a half and have been doing research looking for natural ways to deal with the possible clots from afib, that would eliminate these side effects. This is no way to live and it’s bad enough that i’m almost to the point of thinking if a stroke would kill me, i would take that chance but the fact is, they generally don’t kill and just leave a person disabled so the research goes on.

      1. My Dad has been on Eliquis for 2yrs due to afib. He used to be able to walk and is now nearly wheelchair bound. He has been doing PT for over a year to try to help his walk. I recently have been researching the side effects and believe his walk has deteriated due to Eliquis. We saw his cardiologist yesterday and have taken him off Eliquis and instead 2 baby aspirin a day. I’m praying this is the answer. Has anyone gone off and their walking comes back to what it used to be?

    2. shazia, I feel , the fact you have found out, that you have to take the drug, in itself, upsets you (people), it did for me in the short term. I think you have to stop, the cycle of eating and not exercising(easy to say) best see doctor, if no good, try another one,. eat a healthy diet( i do try) maybe get a little exercise a lot, and keep the weight off, remember, a lot of people take these drugs, so you are not alone.hopefully one day at a time, think how lucky you are,being on it,and try to be happy, see your smiling!

  27. Margaret

    Has anyone noticed their blood being orange since taking eliquis?

  28. I have been taking eliquis for 4 years. No problems. I have persistent AFIB. I cant feel it. I take 3 grams of vit c a day (1.5 in the morning and 1.5 in the evening) for my veins and 100mg of co-q-10 to keep my veins from calcifying. I do have periphial neuropathy now, (caused by taking coumadin). I take b12 for that. I have very weak legs and muscle wasting in my arms now (Caused by eliquis). I eat green apples for that. I also take an iron pill for leg weakness. I have a glass of red wine once or twice a week. So far so good. I take a table spoon of coconut oil every day for my mind. I try to walk at least 1/2 a mile a day. Im very lucky. Eliquis seens to agree with me. Im a 79 year old lady (recently retired) and have had AFIB for 15 years. I had an unsuccessful ablation in 2004. I feel ok. I take care of myself. I take beet juice for my blood pressure and keep my body chem basic. Everything works well for me. My Dr. Is amazed.

    1. You are one of the few! 3 of 3 people who I know are taking it, want OFF desperately. Are you by chance associated with BMS the Pharma who has paid millions to railroad its approval thru the FDA? Just asking 🙂

      1. Hey Bob, where can i read more about the BMS and FDA thing ?

  29. Amirali Jaffer

    I am on Eliquis 5ng X2
    ? can i use wultivitamin POWERALL sold by US health club.
    #2= can i use vitamin D or K .
    Respond please. AMIR.

  30. This is a new drug, with millions spent on testing/trials and on (some say shady, or corrupt) application/testing/reporting by BMS. My Father was prescribed Eliquis after a pacemaker replacement (was fine without blood thinners prior to the replacement) and has been on it for almost 2 years. Many of the comments above say “oh grand i have been on for 3 months and feel fine”, well at 2 years the muscle soreness/weakness is putting him at risk… What is the risk of muscle weakness? One can fall down and break bones. So to reduce risk of blood clot by N% we are increasing other problems by 2xN%. Pick your poison people. This one has huge and often debilitating side effects. I am also suspicious that many of the comments above are “paid for” by those with financial interests in peddling their profitable poison!

    1. Amen…my cardiologist says we will talk about coming off Eliquis six mo after successful ablation for post op atrial flutter. He, at that time, wants me to wear a holter monitor for 2wks…..yea right!! Interesting enough the cardio electrophysiologist who performed the ablation said go off Eliquis after 30 days post ablation. Electrophysiologist’s work is done….the cardiologist never wants to be done! Follow the money trail!! BMS estimates Eliquis will generate $4.2 Billion in 2017.
      All you afiber’s….have a Watchman devise implanted in the left atrial appendage and you won’t ever need to take blood thinner again. The cardiologist won’t tell you that. For a one time implant cost of $7000 you are done paying for Eliquis for life…..just think of the money BMS loses! Link: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/left-atrial-appendage-closure/watchman-device

  31. Hi. I have been on Eliquis 5 mg twice a day for 1 month. I had my bloodserum measured and the result was 402. The nurse that told me could not explain what that meant. Anyone know? I know this test was taken too find out how much of the medicine my body responded to/took up in the blood, but I do not find any place telling me weather 402 is a good uptake or not. Tnx for any response to this.

  32. Susan Dillon

    I have started on this drug after being diagnosed with an arterial embolism. My consultant still has no idea how this occurred. I am a 36 year old woman who doesn’t smoke and until recently was very active. Due to the pain from my arterial embolism I have had to stop exercising the way I was used to so I have put on a lot of weight due to that. I am keep to know how other people have found the drug. So far I have only had good experiences, the pain is reduced and I have noticed I can be far more active. However, I do also suffer from IBS and I have noticed in the last week that my IBS has been far worse than usual.

  33. Two things I haven’t seen answered on here (excuse me if I miss them). Tried to call the mfg and doc but both are impossible to reach by phone (30+ min hold times each time I’ve tried)…

    1) Can the 5mg Eliquis tabs be cut in half if you get reduced to half a dose? Are there any dangers in cutting the tabs and taking those when you have some left, until you get the actual smaller pills?

    2) Is it safe to take Eliquis around bedtime, or is it advisable to stay upright/awake for a certain period of time after taking them?

    Thank you.

    1. I take mines routinely 9am and 9pm. I was told you’re suppose to take them 12hrs apart. By the way, im on the 5mg twice a day. 9pm is my bedtime and I haven’t had any issues as far as taking it before bed.

      1. I too take my eliquis 9 am and 9pm all I do all night is cough my head off all night–then at 9 am all I do is cough my head off all day…..

    2. ask your pharmacist those questions. They are the experts on such matters, not your doctor.

  34. Christine

    My husband was on eliquis for afib that was caused by hyperthyroid since the thyroid was removed no more afib. Eliquis was finally stopped , 6 mos after stopping eliquis husband had stroke docs don’t know why, I think it was the stopping eliquis. Anyone else had stroke after stopping eliquis , now they want to restart him on this drug. I feel it does much more than we think long after stopping. I blame eliquis for my husbands stroke.

  35. I have just been prescribed eliquis for hopefully only a month. I am having a cardiac ablation in a few days as I have been in constant afib since they prescribed channel blockers for a Tia that I had at the end of September. I asked my cardiac surgeon why he would prescribe one of the new blood thinners like eliquis that seems to have all the class action law suits, instead of warfarin……..he told me that the ‘greedy lawyers’ only go after the drug companies that are making money. I didn’t know what to say but I’m going to ask him where he learned that (after my ablation!). What a load

  36. Have been on Eliquis for several years with no apparent problems. Just returned from a week at the beach and am covered with bruises (arms and legs). These are the purple spots that normally appear when I bump into something or accidentally use my dog’s leash too tightly around my wrist. I am wondering if taking Eliquis and going out in the skin caused this. Any ideas? Thanks

  37. I am relieved to see others have mentioned weight gain on Eliquis. I thought I was losing my mind! I had bilateral PE’s and DVT from groin to ankle diagnosed January 1st and am on Eliquis for nine months. I have been exercising like a fiend and changed to mostly vegetarian diet without much success in losing weight. I also have muscle aches in both legs and brain fog with lots of word searching. I’ll be happy to stop this medication in October.

    1. Did it get better ? Word searching and dizzy brain could be the results of mini bleedings in the Brain.
      Anticoagulant’s are known (studies are published) to cause Dementia by causing micro bleedings in the Brain.

    2. Rebecca, I have had the exact same issues with Eliquis. I have been sure I was losing my mind. Every one of those issues started with the first Eliquis pill. Doctors don’t buy the weight gain. I am 1000% positive of it. I will be interested in others replies.

  38. I have been on Eliquis and Diltiazeb for about 3 yrs after diagnosed with Afib. I have always been active walking 2 miles daily and resistance training for 30 yrs. suddenly I woke up one day with very sore thigh muscles on both legs. The only thing different in my life is meds. Some days excruciating pain after my walk. Dr. Says she doesn’t know why but you have to do your own research to find out that Yes these Meds cause muscle soreness and pain. Anyone else experiencing this?

  39. Doris Briggs

    I have been on eliquis for about 2 years. Suddenly gained 7 to 8 pounds in the last few months. I am walking everyday and watching my diet. I have afib and had an ablation over a year and a half ago. In the last 4 months I have painful muscle spasms in my legs and have some weakness too. Should I be concerned about dvt in my legs from this drug? I am going to the cardiologist tomorrow I will have some questions to ask him. If I can get some straight answers.

  40. I am scared….I wish I never started taking this medicine a week ago I will just pray to God he protects me I really never took all kinds of meds I pray God protects us from the money hungry people behind this

    1. Amen. I’m right there with you. If not for my faith in God, who knows?
      Be blessed.

    2. How to wish I would have never started on this medication. It was because of afib one incident and she started me on this meds and I have gained weight and I’ve had problems with muscle pain and now I read that if you go off of it you’re at a high chance to have a stroke so we’re stuck I just pray to God that I can get off of it and that I don’t have a stroke I’m only 63

  41. Christine

    My husband has been on eliquis 6 months this time. His first time taking eliquis was for 2 yrs because of Afib after he had cardioversion putting him back in rhythm again, no a fib. , I had read all the bad reviews about eliquis and we ask doctor to get him off eliquis. After 6 months with no Afib the doctor agreed and eliquis was stopped in August of 2016. In Febuary 2017 my husband had a stroke. Had he been on eliquis he would most likely not have had a stroke. I hate eliquis and the side effects but I can tell you from experiance a stroke is much worse. You have to weight out these possibilities. I pray God would bless everyone who has to make these choices. Just our experiance.

  42. Ken White

    I find this type of forum bizarre and irresponsible- laymen speaking like physicians. (Someone called B-M about Eliquis. B-M doesn’t even make Eliquis.)

    1. Yes, Bristol-Myers Squibb does make Eliquis. It was developed in a joint venture between BMS and Pfizer, and the Eliquis brand is trademarked by BMS. As is Coumadin (warfarin).

  43. I have AF and am 81 years of age. I have been taking Eliquis for almost five years following a complete colonectomy. I walk between 7 to 10 kilometres on most days. So far I have not experienced any side affects at all.

  44. Donna Robillard

    I am 49 and have been on Eliquis for 2 years. I had a major blood clot from a PICC line and had to have surgery. I get angio neurotic edema and anaphalaxis and have major reactions to heparin and even baby aspirin.

    I had horrible migraines and the eliquis stopped them. After 3 months when you step down the migraines came back. They have always suspected Hughes syndrome but can’t catch it it the labs.

    Eliqis gave me my life back. No bleeding or bruising problems. No more neurologic issues. Dr upset that I have gained weight but I see many say it is a side effect. Makes sense as that coincides with with I started eliquis. Horrible of the Dr to place blame on me and not the drug.

    So many people against the drug but for me it is literally a life saver.

  45. Ricardo Montejo

    Three years ago I was a strong healthy 50 year old man with no health issues ever, other than occasional spring allergies. One spring allergies lasted longer than usual. Coughed a spot of blood one night and went to the hospital. Was told that I had PE and spent a week in the hospital. After Cumadin and Lovenox I was put on Eloquis. A year later my PCP said that the hospital misread the CT and I could stop Eloquis. A year after that I couldn’t breathe anymore while running on the treadmill. Back to the PCP I went. Keep in mind that I’m extremely active, athletic and never go to the doctor. Unless I can’t breathe and cough blood of course. PCP says that I have asthma and prescribed inhalers. My fat ass PCP told me to suck on them inhalers and get back on that treadmill. I packed my gym bag, sucked on the inhaler and nothing happened. Called my son the EMT. He threw a fit, cussed out my PCP and dragged me to the hospital. My lungs were full of blood clots with a giant saddle clot sitting on top of my heart, strangling the life out of it while I was running on that treadmill at 160 Heart BPM. I was a ticking time bomb! I bought my self a lifetime prescription to Eloquis this time. No thanks to my PCP who risked my life, because he didn’t want to admit that he was wrong. I had no history of Asthma and I had history o PE. Yet there is no genetic reason for the blood clots and no family history. Grandma lived to 99, died in her sleep without ever taking a medication for anything. No diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, nothing! Father is 86 with no health issues either. At least I have guardian angels in lieu of a good PCP. Well, been back on Eloquis for a couple weeks now, time to pack my gym bag and see that treadmill again ?

    1. D.Hancock

      I have been on 2 -2.5mg tablets of eliquis for years without a problem., now the consultant has just suddenly doubled the dose and I wondered why.

  46. I stopped taking elequis without my doctors supervision 2 days ago. I actually feel better being off the drug. I even drank 4 mojitos . The dr prescribed the drug after I went into afib after sprinting 200 yards at full speed. The dr. Said if I would have trained to do that and hydrated my self I would avoided the incident. The doctor also said anyone can go into afib if you push their bodies enough. Athletes take longer of course because they are trained but it is doable.

    J am I. Excellent shape . I eat organic healthy food, exercise, not fat, don?t smoke, or drink excessively..

  47. Can you take varying doses of Eliquis? I have been taking 5 mgs in the morning and 2.5 mgs at night. I can?t find a single comment on it. I was taking 5 mgs twice daily for over a year, with no issue, other than refilling it every 30 days. Thanks.

  48. margaret campbell

    What is a safe antibiotic to take when taking Eliquis after a stroke?

  49. A week & a half I was put on Eliquis for a DVT in left leg & bi-lateral PEs. While in hospital I asked if I could go back to the gym – answer – yes but to listen to my body. I currently do a daily 1/2 hour on a NuStep and am clocking in about 3K steps in 30 min. Still can’t make it around the track yet, but it’s coming. Not outstanding but good. I also asked about dietary restrictions on dark green veggies and was told no restrictions but then I didn’t ask about grapefruit, but I will next week. I am going to be 70 in a couple of months and feel like my Drs. have given me the best treatment to help my body dissolve the clots and the tool I need to keep my blood flowing properly. I is did have a hip and knee replaced this year (July & April) so that may be what created the nightmare I went through with not being able to breathe. I know I’m a newbie to Eliquis BUT I am also a researcher and I will continue to research and work w/my Drs. to get through this as speedily as possible.

  50. Until I had afib in August 2017 I was on no medications. I had a successful oblation. was put on eloquis, and thought I was doing ok. until Oct. 2018. I went to drs care with stomach issues and pain under my right rib. the doctor said eloquis didn’t cause my problem but made it more pronounced. She said I could have an obstruction, which means gallstones. I have doctored it myself and helped relieve the pain until I see an internist Dec 31. I have to wait that long because drs. care can’t run the tests and I didn’t have a dr. My cardiologist has me on a monitor to see if he will allow my getting off the eloquis. I am scared to get off it, but don’t want to stay on something that is hurting my stomach and liver/gallbladder. I told my cardiologist some of my other symptoms and he didn’t approach that subject.

  51. samantha jane bestford

    can u use a hot tub or sauna while on apixaban also I got told by my consultant not to take asprin or anti inflammatorys is this correct as some sites say you can thank you

  52. Constance

    I have been reading a lot about Electrical Magnetic Frequencies , where they come from and the dangers they pose to our health. It seems reasonable to me that since they can cause heart issues that Afib may be a concern too. If you spend time on the computer live near a cell tower, have a smart meter on your house,, use smart appliances , are around computer routers/ Wi Fi, or use a cell phone you may want to do some research if Afib has been an issue for you…….

  53. No aspirin or Advil or alike meds they thin your blood also and a small cut can become pretty drastic not to mention increase risk of aneurysm

  54. Hello. I’m 55. I’m going in for open heart surgery soon for leaky valve. They said after surgery I go off Eliqius and back onto warfarin. What would be the reason for this please.

  55. Dan Furlin

    Hi. I’m a 71 year old male who is a jogger/walker for over 40 years. I had a DVT in my right leg which became a PE in 2001 after driving for 24 hours straight. Was then on Coumadin which was stopped after it all resolved. Had a Greenfield Filter implanted. Everything was great till 2019. Then got a DVT in my left leg (popliteal vein) which, also, became a PE. I’m very health oriented, taking various vitamins/supplements. After being in the ER overnight and given 3 Lovenox injections, was released with oxygen, quickly, back to normal. Now I’m on Eliquis (5 mg). Have been going out daily, since, doing 6 mile walks with no issues. Inquiring about supplements like fish oil, multi vitamins, etc. Can one, still, take these while on Eliquis?

  56. Dennis Carrico

    My Father is on eliquis following a stroke and has trouble breathing. He get’s winded lifting a fork sitting down. I have read that that is a sign of allergic reaction.
    Is that true? Why would the cardiologist just blow that off? He had his first stroke 9 years ago and was on cumidin for the past 9 years with zero side effects. I know many other problems can cause labored breathing but I am very suspicious of the eliquis.

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