BEWARE: “The Pink Cloud Syndrome”

pink cloud syndrome

The Pink Cloud. Ever heard of it?

They use the term a lot in AA. But you don’t have to be a follower of AA to benefit from it’s use.

So.. what is this pink cloud that people should be aware of?

Essentially, it’s a state of mind that drug users often experience during the first few weeks of sobriety. It has the power to cause people to feel strangely elated and “over drugs”. ?

How is this caused? It’s partly due to the effects of actually being drug free, but mostly caused by the brain flooding itself with dopamine as a kind of rebound phenomenon that happens once drugs have stopped being consumed.

So why should we be so wary of this effect? On the surface it seems like a simple sign that we’re on the right path and things are starting to get better, fast!

But this is a dangerous idea to get hooked on.

Because while you might feel good right now, it’s only temporary.

Your brain is still going through tremendous fluctuations and in a matter of moments you could crash and feel quite the opposite of happy. If you get swept up by the pink cloud and start to feel invincible or cured then you will only feel worse when pain and craving rear they’re ugly head again. And they most definitely will show up again.

The best thing for you to remember while you are going through your first few weeks of sobriety is that any positive effects you are feeling right now will be short-lived.?


Think about it. If you continued to feel good like this then you’d never have the opportunity to face the internal conflicts, hurts and wounding that caused you to use in the first place.

You need to be able to deal with both the highs and the lows of a sober life if you are going to stay clean.

There is strength in how you manage your low points. EVERYONE has low points, not just drug users or ex-drug users. What differentiates people is how they deal with those low points.

So the next time you sense the “pink cloud” feelings coming on, just smile at them. Enjoy your choice to stay clean and enjoy these sensations, but don’t attach to them.

You have a lot more growing and evolving to do on your road to freedom from substances. Always remember that.

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