10 Tips For Recovering From a Crack Cocaine Addiction

crack pipe

Crack cocaine is a menacing drug. There’s no doubt about it.

It’s volatile and it’s users can rarely handle their habit. Most spin out in a cycle of powerful addiction and self destruction.

If you are a user than I commend you for being here. You’re here because you’re making a sincere effort to recover. That’s a point that many addicts don’t get to.

Here are 10 tips that will help you or a loved one stop using crack for good.

1.) It doesn’t matter how long you’ve used. You CAN get clean.

How long you’ve used, what you’ve used, where you’ve used or how much you’ve used; it doesn’t matter.

You can still get clean. No matter what.?

I know this because there’s proof all around. Some addicts have become clean after 30+ years of abuse, some even longer.

If it worked for them, it can work for you.

2.)?Recovery doesn’t start until you TRULY WANT to stop being addicted.

Recovery can be simplified down to one single choice: deciding to stop using drugs.

It’s simple, but you have to want it.

Once you want it enough to accept that choice, then you’re done with rehabilitation.?

Of course you’ll still have many painful experiences and strong urges to use throughout your life. But as long as you keep a strong determination?to be clean, you’ll remain clean. It’s that simple.?

You could push away your entire family and still keep using. You could be sexually assaulted while high and still keep using. You could have countless brushes with death, but if you don’t make that simple choice, you will keep using; all the way to your grave.?

Recovery is purely a state of mind. Your motivation is only as good as it’s ability to move you towards that one simple choice: to not use drugs anymore.?There is no more need to complicate it. No outside force can stop you from using crack if you don’t allow it to effect you’re decision making.

And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been addicted for.

You, just like every other user, can choose to quit right now.?This choice is available to you 24/7. You don’t need to wait for anything else to happen. As long as you don’t run the risk of dying due to?withdrawals there is no legitimate reason to keep using.

3.) Get involved with a support community.

Recovering from crack use is a tremendous feat, no doubt.

You’re best bet is to get involved with people who have been able to quit. Enroll in AA, NA, an inpatient recovery center, outpatient recovery or any other group.?

The support from those who’ve accomplished rehabilitation will be tremendously helpful.

It doesn’t have to be 12-step oriented if that’s not your thing. Just find something.?Surround yourself with those who have successfully done it and let them support you.

You’ll have the best shot at beating this thing if you reach out for help and advice.?

4.) Apologize to yourself for all the harm you’ve caused to yourself and others.

The downward spiral from crack addiction can be extremely damaging to the person using and everyone around them.?

You can’t change what happened. You can’t change the past, the damage is done.?

But you can forgive yourself.

To properly recover you must allow yourself to reconcile with the past.?Forgive yourself, develop self gratitude for finding the desire to change.

This is a hugely underestimated part of the road to recovery and is?much easier said than done. But ponder this often, and soon you will be ready to forgive and forget.

5.) Don’t spend time with people who are using.

You must be able to build new friendships if you want to stay clean.?

Inevitably, people who iuse drugs want everyone close to them to use drugs too.?Your friends who use will chip away at your resolve to not use drugs or drink.?This isn’t because they are bad people or anything, that’s just the way it works.

So don’t go in areas where there is drug use and avoid people who use. You don’t need the temptation.

Talk to people in support groups.?If you like them enough, spend time with them outside of the support group. Also, look for people to spend time with who enjoy activities and hobbies outside of support. If you like them, spend time with them too.

Reshape your life around healthy people and healthy activities and you will have a great boost for recovery.

6.) Try to get enough food and sleep.

This might seem like odd advice in a post about recovering from hard drugs. But it’s actually really helpful.

When you’re hungry and you’re body is depleted it craves stimulation, which for us, means an even more intense craving for crack than usual.

But when you eat enough (healthy) food and you allow yourself adequate amounts of sleep then recovery becomes easier because the intensity of cravings are lessened.

This is because you are providing yourself with actual nourishment instead of constant stimulation.?The more we’re nourishing our bodies, the less compelled we’ll be to use.

7.) Contrary to popular opinion, you CAN overcome this addiction on your own.?

Some people will tell you that you will not be able to stop using on your own.

But in the end, the choice to stop using has to come from you.

You will be told that you cannot overcome this obsession.?That will power is not enough.?That the compulsion to use crack will always win out.

Yes, it’s important to remove yourself from people who use and the places you’ve used at. Yes, support programs help tremendously and you should seek as much help as you need as it’s helpful to create an environment of support around you.

But in the end, the choice to recover is within you. Just you.

Own that knowledge, and you will be setting yourself up for success.

8.) Life will never be easy and you will never be perfect

Harsh, I know.

But this isn’t meant to be a let down. It’s a motivator.

NO ONE will ever be perfect and NO ONE will ever have it easy in life. There are constant hardships to face, even for people who have never once touched drugs.

Once the drugs and alcohol are removed, we still have to face the problems we’ve been running from.

Severe and incapacitating depression or anxiety, chronic relationship problems, underachievement, unprocessed traumas, insomnia, anger and rage, self-hate, fear of social interactions, inability to pursue dreams, thoughts of suicide, feeling lost and alone, and constantly thinking about using.

These feelings are important to acknowledge.?The agitation they cause might have been what compelled us to use in the first place.?These emotions are still lying dormant, waiting to be expressed. Waiting for you to quit using drugs so you can adequately process them.

You have to give space to your wounds. You have to let the pain well up unhindered by intoxication. Allowing them to run their course is the only way to heal.?

?9.) BEWARE: the “Pink Cloud” syndrome

Coined by A.A members, the “pink cloud syndrome” provides a way to explain the initial excitement and enthusiasm that comes in the beginning stages of sobriety.

This is the same type of excitement that people get from new relationships or from a big move to a new city. It is a honeymoon period, and those strong initial effects will not remain in full force forever.

You are so happy to be clean. You are feeling a surge of clear energy and you sense some of the haze of drug use is lifting.?This is an intoxicating feeling and carries a lot of risk with it.

You may feel good now and have no desire to use, but everything changes. No good feelings will last forever. If you are attached to these good feelings then you will become desolate when they fade and you’ll have a higher likelihood of relapse.

Bottom line: don’t be seduced by the initial good feelings of sobriety. Always be ready for new discomforts to arise as you grow into a new person.

10.) Never shy away from asking for advice/support.

Kind of funny. My last tip is to ask for more tips.

Get a sponsor. Find an online community. Ask questions from authorities on rehabilitation.?

Also, feel free to ask questions here in the comments or send an email. Every week I will create a Q&A post where I answer your questions about rehabilitation.

56 thoughts on “10 Tips For Recovering From a Crack Cocaine Addiction”

    1. Great advice and it works but there are 3 more important things that helps tremendously one physcically excersize two mental excersize reading ect.and spiritual they help during detox and threwout recovery.

    2. I quit on my own , if you are Determined to quit you can . Its a Battle … And you can win. Just think of all the things you can buy now , Not just for yourself but others. You will have the cash to do it . Dont let the. Shit take from you any more. Be Determined . You CAN do it – period. 😉

    1. I know the feeling but start praying and it’s hard but until you are ready then nothing can help you.
      Besides it’s just a waste of money.
      Way make the next man rich and you’ll never get enough, look into what they use to cut the crap that’ll make you think….all bad…going through sobierty myself….gotta do it….tired of being tired?

    2. I have to second that…..prayer truly does work. I have prayed so hard to be delivered at times during my drug use and one thing I never did was given up on myself, I constantly desired and strive for sobriety. I fell many times but God works in mysterious ways and as long as you maintain a true desire to get clean, he will deliver when he feels it is the right time. I am still early in my recovery only 2 weeks but I have been “clean” before and I can honestly say this time is different. Things that used to trigger me no longer do and I am not “fighting” the desire for that lifestyle hs genuinely been taken out of me, I just don’t want it anymore and when you reach that point it is a lot easier than the times you have to force yourself to stay clean. Even if prayers aren’t answered right away, they never go unheard…..PRAY

        1. i want to stop using. might sound strange but it seems to help me think straight. I have PTSD, severe panic disorder, anxiety disorder, agoraphobia. I hate psyc drugs because they don’t work! just mess me up. l want to quit but no place alone. I take care of my mother. we live in a hotel 1 room! I’ve tried but I need solitude! HELP?

      1. Thank you Tiffany
        Is there somewhere we can go online thats easy where we can communicate to others and encourage one another to stay clean that you know of.

    3. Man!…do I know that feeling …..I have been down every hallway of hell ….except for death due to my addiction. It will get better for you in everyday ….you survived the hell that Satan thru at you ….get healthy and help others that are being chewed up by demons …The light Jesus has created crushes any demon! Nothing but love for you man! God bless and be free!

    4. Are u Christian? God/Jesus would not let me go. If u have faith and BELIEVE then with ANGER, say, “Satan, in the NAME of Jesus Christ, I bind you up and bound you out! Take your evil with you! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, cast Satan out and give me your peace, please Jesus.” This often works for me. But, hubby puts it in front of me. Keep asking, repent for weaknesses and addictions, from which He will deliver you from one day. Keep praying! The devil does NOT like heating “Jesus.” Repeat and ask, ask, again for his peace. It will be given unto you. God Speed and Peace Be With You.

      1. help me if u can with more of this word am losing my bearing?my son is just 6months old he needs me now more than eva i cant afford to lose my family not now

        1. you got this ! there’s your motivation right there!! your baby boy DOES NEED YOU!! You deserve to be clean and happy! You don’t want that life for ur son. My sons father is struggling very bad right now.. I keep trying fl help and be supportive but that fucking devil got ahold of him like non other! I don’t know what to do I feel like sometimes it’s not help thar I’m actually enabling him.ni just want the person back I fell in love with bavk…

  1. I’m ready for a change.. if not i will lose everything i got. Including my wife…

  2. Tasab Ayub

    Wow!!!!!!!!someone who truly understands .please can you get in touch with me.I want to quit but have lenthy binges . It’s literally destroying the lives ofmy children my mumanddad and my wife

  3. Everything that is wrong in my life right now is due to my use, & the feelings of self loathing rise up from the pit of my being & I falter & use again. I’m tired of this cycle & my child deserves a better mom. I thought that I only used cuz I liked the PHYSICAL affects, but I’m starting to realise that my truth stems from the mental aspects of the high. I want to have the desire to stop, but whenever I say “ok, that’s it, I’m done”, the beast from within awakens & within a week I’m getting something. God help me!

  4. Been there done that

    Best advise is to stay away from users. Move if you have to. Anything that separates you from the drug is the easiest way to overcome this addiction. No supply the you cant have a demand.
    MOVE… CUT OFF OTHER USERS… WANT IT AND BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT, even when you still have dreams where you are smoking that shit.
    An awful drug.

  5. I’m done want a change tired of bein broke I’m getting help

  6. Richard Clayton

    I’ve been struggling with the addiction for far too long…( 20+yrs.). I want to stop for good…Live a clean and sober life.

  7. Iv been struggling also have a kid lost my wife and all my friends very close to dying there is help out there help to stop Harley street castle care they can help you may god have mercy on u all its. Not easy stay away from users or any one that will drive you to use

  8. It’s just gone 3.30 am and I have done my rent in again 500 in a day now about 5g in debt but to be honest I haven’t got a clue of the amount, that stressed my hair is falling out.i need help being on and off it since I was 20 now 43, telling lies to family it horrible fucking had enough.plus I have epilepsy which is quite bad, I need help !!

  9. Please any sponsors/mentors out there gone through same would love to speak with

  10. This is really good advice. I have been clean for 2 weeks and sense a huge difference this time as my thought pattern has changed. When the urges arise they are quickly outweighed by the exhaustion and disgust of the lifestyle. I never want to go back to it again, it is so not worth it. I am not “fighting” as hard to stay clean this time because I truly don’t desire it anymore. I am one of the fortunate people who never sold myself or stole from ppl to support my habit thank God but I have caused damage in other ways. I am very greatful I have the support of my family in all this because I could not make it without them. They see the change in me and for the first time in a long time my mother actually hugged and kissed me and told me she’s proud of me. I have not gone to rehab nor N.A. meetings as I just don’t want to associate myself with people partial to that lifestyle not truly knowing their level of commitment to sobriety.

    1. That’s amazing!! I’ve felt the same way about it since my husband whose is also the father of my son and i started smoking all the time a dew months ago. He’s addiction has spiraled outta control which in turn made me strong enough to not go deeper thank God. 🙏 because I was the one thst always loved the shit and he never wanted to smoke it because his mom had a horrible addiction to it through his childhood. she’s now been clean for 10+ maybe even longer years. An he’s in a full blown addiction doesn’t care about anything spends every penny on it. idk what to do anymore 😕 looking for help advice support anyway to help him. He keeps saying he’s over it but payday comes again and then it off to the races again.. just want the person I fell on love with back. because this isn’t him lying stealing manipulating and just the disregard of our son. idk what tondo.

  11. I am determined to free myself from this hell that is ruining my life . I went 25 hours and eventually after being curled up in a ball unable to function I gave in and scored. Feeling able to interact with the world again I arranged an interview with the local community drugs team. I have an appointment with their doctor tomorrow and I have been in touch with narcotics anonymous. I intend to start going to meetings from tomorrow.I feel ready to do this and I will get off crack . I hope it works wish me luck

  12. How can I stop the urge to use crack just had a all night binge I keep te
    lling my self never again

  13. I’m really struggling to stop using crack I have group meetings for substance misuse but I started to lie to the guy who runs the group saying I have not used but I have I really want to stop but don’t know how

    1. You got to tell on yourself, it’s hard, but that’s your disease telling you it’s okay to lie. You got to uncover that and speak forth the truth. Otherwise you’ll head back out. I know this cuz I was sober for nine years. I’m back out trying to figure out a way to get back sober. Even though it’s hard, a lot easier to do it when you’re sober. I’m still living the hell.

  14. I feel so guilty about my daughter, I can’t understand why I can’t stop for her. I have had depression and anxiety for years before I started using and no doubt it makes it worse, I don’t know who I am so how can I raise my child. She loves me so much and I don’t deserve her love. I want to stop so much .s

  15. I am a hardcore crack addict and I have been able to stay clean for 2 years 5 months. It can be done…..

  16. I have 2 and a half months clear of this shit drug. Never give up on yourself.No matter how many times you may falter and fall. Get up again..try something new to recover..meetings help..SMART or NA… counselling…medications for depression and anxiety.Family and friends support. The author is right it has to come from within but you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to. I get bad cravings but Ithe can’t hurt me if I don’t take it.One day at a time. Big love to all x

  17. Thank you all for sharing I read them all been up for two days getting desperate It’s got to stop happy holidays I beat heroin booze but this shit is the fucking devil as you all know please talk to me if you can I need help but I have nothing to give its worst case scenario please help

  18. Thinking about moving to a different state, where my mom is, to help myself quit. But I don’t want to leave my daughter.. not that I see her because I’m too busy fucking up. I don’t know what to I want to quit but I keep going back within a few days.

  19. Day 1 here. Again. Binge user. Can’t go more than a week without picking up the glass dick. I use alone. I hate the shit even tho I do it. Disgusted with myself and the bullshit I come up with to keep my secret safe frm fam, friends, work. Tired of living a double life. Tired of lying, spending my whole paycheck, being broke, being paranoid, falling behind on bills, owing friends and family money…the cons list goes on. Can’t think of logically 1 good thing about this drug. Please help…..

    1. I’m going through the same thing girl. But the secret just got out to my family. My mind is numb..on or off this drug now of days

      The worst part is being so detached from the reality that I misjudge my situation. Going from.having everything at 30 to loosing it all before I knew it and now I’m back with mom. With minnd full of knoledge that makes great Money. It’s pointless to do anything but focus on quitting. Money and lack of will power are the two underlying factors that will destroy your efforts. Dead broke and I quit my job. Cheers to getting clean.

  20. My name is Al! Wow I feel better as I?m only about 3 hours clean from crack. I really feel a little bit of hope. Today I make a decision to STOP. Thank You

  21. i dont know what to do sometimes i feel like beating myself cuz this shit is killing me gradually and i want to to stop cuz i think very much and its like getting me crazy cuz i always look worried.am impressed with the advice great talk i appreciate and the best way is to forgive yourself and make a change.pls help

  22. I am addicted to smoking crack using a can and ash while watching intense hardcore pornography. I can seem to stop and I never hear about anyone else who just sits and watches porn on crack. Am I alone?

  23. I quit for 6 years after getting an overdose and being so close to death..
    Looked at my daughters and stopped..now I am back on the drug.for 3 months…I realize that it’s destroying me….in the name of Jesus. ….I quit again…because I just remembered that overdose…amen


  24. My partner of over 4 years is a crack addict. He recently lost his job due to stealing. I love him, but I am sick of this. I do not know what to do to help him, because everything I do to try to help, ends up enabling him. I understand addiction because I have been clean and sober for over 31 years, but I have never had any experience with crack. He can go through periods of time of being clean, then out of the blue it seems, he is off and running. Well, now that he has no job, he has no money, so I hope this will create some deterrent for him, but only God knows. I pray for him and I have other people praying for him, but I know a lot of stopping anything depends on desire. Thank you and any advice you can give me would be most appreciated.

  25. rick cribb

    I’ve been a crack addict for 19 years. Tried rehab N.A. and still an addict to crack. Then just today I read this. Makes sense..Deep inside me at my soul I am so tired of addiction. Going to follow these tips and with all that is me “WANT TO BE FREE FROM CRACK”. I plan on coming back to this site and get tips from every one who is wanting to be free from this hell of addiction. May each be blessed and find freedom from addiction.

  26. I have had enough! I’m tired of losing everything that’s good to me and or good for me. My attendance stinks at a job that I admire [United Airlines|, which has put me in rehab 21 times in an 11 1/2 years of service. I’ve just ruined a relationship with a nice Filipina, which I swore I would stop over and over again. I nursed my addiction so tough that I failed to go see her and make whoopie, and pursue a marriage to her. I’m 3 years behind my original cohort at school [ Concordia University Chicago]. but I am enrolled this spring to finish. I’m 10-15 pounds under weight, and God knows the last time I even spoke to my daughter. I feel so tired and hungry, and very low to the ground spiritually. I’m determined from this the 6th day without using crack/heroin. .

    Reggie J

  27. Best site I’ve read.the author is a godsend thank you so much for your words of wisdom.i had this calming affect come over me after reading and are more determined to stop using than ever before.ill continue praying but my mind is made up. That’s enough of this crap. I too have lost my entire savings over 450,000 in 4 years.i owe the bank money in repeated over drafts.God bless the author and all whom are suffering from this demon drug

  28. H. A. L.

    Crack is a bad drug that always has you searching for more and more. I’m tired of this life that has brought me nothing more than regret and depression. I am a strong believer in our Lord but I have to fully surrender my all to Him in order to get on the road to recovery. I have lost everything in life but I still have my loving son that shows me love unconditionally, I have to do this for him and for myself. Today is July 16, 2019 and I’m ready to make that change. To God be all the glory. I know it’s going to be a rough ride but with my Lord by my side, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

  29. shafique

    I can get through weeks clean once the money in my hand i stray back to the habit of crack, still fighting to overcome this addiction at times I wish my life would end still praying for better days

  30. shafique

    seriously would wish I’m dead than keep banging my head on this dead end stop

  31. I just realize that my son is using ‘crack’ last week and he told me he’s been using since 2020. meaning is 3 years now. smoking at school and sometimes with friends out side home. he says he wants ‘to quits’ his words but I’m not sure if he means it, please help me how to handle situation.

  32. hiya gary i know that feeling i have just come 18 years clean of heroin and crack , covid single mam depression out of work i had a pipe wow game over within 8n months my home my children driving licence my whole life gone , lost my son feb last year and just cant stop this horrible thing never mind only like initial feeeeling instantly regret makes me feel sick terrible anxiety just cant make sense of me , been reading some positive tips im just reading as far into the shite as can n hope something clicks , good luck

  33. It’s just up to u to quit…nothing or no one can make u quit unless you wanna really do it, crack isn’t a drug that you need physically or makes you sick like heroin, it’s strictly up to u to just not do it anymore and then u will quit…if your still doing it then u obviously don’t wanna quit and ur just gonna stay that way….REHAB OR NOTHIN WILL MAKE U QUIT ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF STOP BY JUST NOT DOING IT…LITERALLY THAT SIMPLE

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