Cocaine detox 101: Withdrawals, Timeline, Methods, Inpatient center options…


Cocaine Withdrawal symptoms

  • Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
  • Physical Slowing or Agitation
  • Paranoia
  • chills
  • body aches
  • tremors and shakiness
  • inability to feel pleasure
  • exhaustion
  • increased appetite
  • sleep problems, including fatigue and excessive sleeping
  • tendency to abuse medications
  • mood changes
  • strong cravings to use more


The initial crash of withdrawal varies on an individual basis. It depends on an individuals usage and their own brain composition.

Typically, the withdrawal period will last from a few hours to just a few days. Often severe withdrawal symptoms resolve within 24 hours.

Some who have a longer history of use and intensity of use can experience withdrawal symptoms for weeks or months (known as post acute withdrawal).

Detoxing from cocaine for a drug test

Urine test:

If you are concerned about detoxing in preparation for a drug test,?know that the alkaloid in cocaine will stay in your system for roughly forty-eight to 72 hours,?until the traces of the drug leave your system through metabolites in the urine.?(Though this depends on the method of administration.)

To speed up the detox effects in preparation for a urine drug test you can drink cranberry juice to flush the drug from your body. Note, you must drink pure cranberry juice for the proper effect. You can also pick up detox kits from some stores and head shops, but these are more expensive.?Some users have been able to pass a urine test 24 hours after their last use of the drug when utilizing detox kits/juice.

But for heavy users, juice alone may not be enough.?Heavy users can fail a urine test even 30 days after the last time they used. If you are anxious about your results, you can test yourself at home with a drug detection kit.

Hair follicle drug test:?

Hair follicle tests can accurately determine cocaine use from 90 days after last use.?

The hair contains a chemical footprint of all the drugs you have done. Typically, the hair follicle test will examine the closest 2 inches of hair to the head, but if they test longer hair follicles cocaine use can be detected from many months past.

Blood test

A blood test for cocaine can roughly determine whether someone has used in the last 2-5 days.

Tips to help detox from home

Dry Sauna / Steam Sauna / Baths

Saunas and baths will help cleanse the body of toxins, provide warmth for relaxation and soothe nerves.

Drink lots of liquids

Lots of water, juices (especially cranberry juice), soups & broths. These will help nourish your body and intensify the cleansing process.

Eat nourishing foods

Think soups, potassium rich foods like bananas, vegetables, meats.


Working out will boost metabolism, rid you of toxins via sweat, flush your system and improve your mood.

Supplements that aid detox

Withdrawal produces substantial suppression of the hormone 5-HT. You can address this by immediately supplementing 5-HTP following restriction of cocaine use.

Cocaine detox clinics

Detoxing at home can be too much for some. May it be the inability to take care of oneself or potential for relapse.

If you are financially able, it would be a good idea to invest in an inpatient or outpatient program during your detox. You could also continue to get support through a rehab facility throughout your whole drug recovery process.

31 thoughts on “Cocaine detox 101: Withdrawals, Timeline, Methods, Inpatient center options…”

  1. Use of cocain about 62 hrs of a urine screen. Drank 6 liters of Pure Cranberry Juice and a pint of lemon juice over 2days. What are my chances that the cocaine has cleared out of my urine and metabolites

    1. This shit is science! Chemistry/biology…many factors…body weight, fluid intake (cranberry juice, 5-htp supps, etc.)…give yourself 4 days to be safe…tell you boss you can’t find your Id…most testing facilities require and ID for a test:/

      1. I did cocaine 4 days ago and I have to pee for probation tomorrow at 8am I have been drinking a lot of water will I be clean ???? What can I do to make sure I?m clean ???? L

    2. Makjanks

      I use once or twice a month. About a gram each time. I have regular tox
      screens from a pain management clinic.
      I find by drinking a gallon of water a day, within ten days I can pass a cocaine tox screen.
      Keep in mind that I do not drink alcohol which when used with cocaine create another metabolite that takes longer for the body to excrete via the urinary tract.

  2. I use 120 dollars of cocaine on the 8th of MAy have a urinalysis on 4th of April i drink lots of water and sweat alot in a hot warehouse would I be clean 1st time use since 6 months ago

    1. Yes. Cocaine only takes 72 hour to clear the system. You should be more than clear by then, just don’t do anymore and drink water and pure cranberry juice. Pee a lot. You will be fine

  3. Ive ben using cocain for the past month everyday and i have a urine drug test next month on the 7 that gives me 18 days, will i be clean if i get a urine drug test?

  4. Ive ben using cocain for the Past month constantly every day and i have to take a urine drug test on june 7 will i be clean by den? or what can i do to clean my self out?

  5. Ashley Shupe

    I have a random drug screen coming up and I’m not sure when it is I did some on Friday night not a lot though and today is Tuesday and I’ve been drinking cranberry juice and a lot of water do you think I will be clean if she gets me with a drug test today or tomorrow I need answers ASAP please

  6. I’ve done around 6-7 grams of cocaine, how long will that’s take to leave my system?

    1. That?s a substantial amount in one sitting . I would give yourself 2 weeks. In the mean time drink a gallon of water everyday, take multi vitamins, SWEAT ! And don?t use again up until the drug test

  7. I smoke on Wednesday and Friday o have a drug test on Tuesday what should I do to pass the test?

  8. I did a half of gram of coke yesterday and I have a test in 3 days, if I drink a lot of water will it be out of my urine? Its the first time I did it in over a year…..

  9. Fred Simpson

    I smoked about 600 dollars worth of crack cocaine i have a urine test in 3 days ive been drinking cranberry juice by the 60fl once bottle and takeing water pills and drinking water.Would my urine and system be clean by then.

    1. Yup continue drinking water make sure you don’t use the first urine of the day and drink water and continue to piss you will pass believe me I’ve been on parole for 4 years and 72 hours is just enough time to pass a urine test with drinking plenty of water everyday, the more you urinate the better your chances of passing

  10. Shnawn R Chester

    Will aloe Vera clean cocaine out of the system in 5 days

  11. Hey all…. I have passed rapid drug tests 100% of the time, and I am a heavy cocaine and weed user, every day for decades. This method is NOT for the weak, mater of fact, you’ll feel like crap for hours after, but, like I said, I have passed 100% of the rapid drug tests. This will Not work, if they send your sample out to a diagnostic lab. Buy 264 oz bottles of cranberry based juice, it can be a mix but at least 50% cranberry juice. 4 hours before your test start chugging, your flooding your system, have both bottles consumed an hour before testing. This WILL cause extreme stomach pain, it’s going to hurt, you are going to urinate every 5 minutes, so if you have a distance to drive for the test, bring a cup, a large cup. Excuse this next sentence, but I know of no other way to put it. Once you start pissing out your ass… Your ready for the test. And like I said 2 or 3 hours after will be hell.

    1. This mofo works… chug ur self with it after u get up to clear everything in there and dilute it before u take the mega

  12. Julie Fretwell

    My son as been taking cocaine for a few years I want him to go to rehab but said he has not got a drug problem! What can I do at home to help him come off the white stuff!!! Thank you.

    1. Cocaine users are more like a stress problem. Take him out, for a distraction. Talke to him. So he wont be thinking about the drug. Also be careful with triggers. Keep away Like white powers (flour,suger, baby power etc..). Also avoid him having money. Money in hand causes to get the drug even if u dont need it. Have him eat eat eat. If u could affort counseling not rehab. that would help alot. Some places they offer maybe 2 hours 2 times a week. And the feed u too.

  13. I?ve done 5-6 small lines between Friday & Saturday night. I was slso drinking vodka and sprite. My PO is due to show up whenever she feels fit. I can?t stand it! I?m not chancing it anymore. It?s not worth the hassle and worry. I have 1 more year on Probation so I don?t want to start. Screwing up EVER! It was dumb of me, I was at a wedding and figured it?s outta the system fast so why not?!?!?! Can someone please tell me the best way to get this out of my system quick! On top of it I have a Kidney infection and on 2 antibiotics. Please help!

  14. Here is my story and it works.

    I swam alot over the memorial day weekend, went cold on monday evening around 4pm had to take a test by thursday.
    Day 1- just drank normal water as it was come down
    Day 2- started to drink more water but still not enough to make me piss every hour was pissing more like every hour n half. Drank the drink around 2pm which is xxclean detoxify, and after waht the youtube video said i did a test on my self at home after 60min from the test kit from cvs/walgreens and Oooolalal it was positive and the line was dark. So guess what i got tensed and was like wtf this should have been out already i guess .
    Day 3 – Got up at 5am in the morning and took the first piss as normal and then drank around 32oz of water. Waited around 1 hour and no piss and then i drank more water around 14oz. 30 min later first piss came out after that and it was not white but yellow and had to force it out not really comming out smoothly. Around 7am i drank another 14oz of water and then i started flowing out nice white pissss which was coming out on its own, every 30 min after taht i was drinking 14oz of water after every piss until i had around 6-7 pisses done . So from 5am to 7:15am i had lots of water and around 6-7 pisses.
    730am — i took in the mega clean detoxify 32oz waited 15min refilled it with water and drank 320z. Now i ahd to pee after that which i did
    815am – my stomach started growling like a mofo and had to use the restroom and shit out some liquids. Came ouf of that and drank 7oz of water just like that to make sure i was good…
    915 am – I had to take my 3rd piss by that time after 730 am and i did a self test … wala it was CLEAR wohooo…

    1015am at drug test holding my 4th pee and went ahead and gave them my 4th. the bich did say it might be diluted u had too much water it looks, it was kinda mellow yellowish… But it passed as tehy never called me back to say diluted or passed as you know. that means its a pass

    1045am — came home and 5th piss i did a home test it was still passing.

    moral of story use mega clean and wait 90 min please before u go give them any piss…

  15. I use crack cocain 3rd piss test is the 12th of the month I?ve been drinking water and working out and getting a 3day total body detox cleanse and cranberry juice will I be clean within 8 days

  16. Jessie may

    I snorted about 4-5 lines of cocain saturday night sunday morning around 5 am i have a drug test tuesday how do i pass it.

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