How to Be Safe About Snorting Dilaudid and Not Die from an Overdose

dilaudid insufflation

Really, this post should be titled how to be safer about snorting dilaudid. There is no true “safe” when using such a potent narcotic recreationally.

Dilaudid is roughly 9 times more potent than it’s -codone brethren. While it’s no Phentanyl, this stuff’s still no joke. It is often refered to as “the crack of opioids”

High Potency Administration?

Dilaudid is most effectively administered intravenously (IV), rectally or?snorted. While oxycodone has less efficacy when snorted, this is not the case for dilaudid.

Insufflating (snorting) the drug produces a quicker onset effect than sublingual (oral) administration. If you are someone who has taken the path of opioid abuse, you need to be really careful when you use. ESPECIALLY with such an incredibly potent form of opiate like hydromorphone (Dilaudid and Opana.)

One particularly effective way that users will administer this drug is by dissolving the dry powder into water and squirting it up their nose with a syringe. If a user gives this method trial they should be very aware of the increased potency of this administration method as it basically doubles the effectiveness of the drug compared to insufflating dry powder.

Dry powdered forms of hydromorphone/dilaudid typically have 25-30% levels of bioavailability (above just 10-15% through oral administration). But clinical tests have shown that once turned into a liquid solution and snorted the bioavailability increases to around 60-65%. Thus a user must be very careful to avoid overdose.

Snorting dilaudid/hydromorphone pills (2mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg)

If you’re used to insufflating oxy, think about this:?if 30mg of oxy gets you sufficiently high, then 6mg of dilaudid snorted will likely set you off nodding. 8mg could easily cause you to puke or severely overdose.

Be careful. Start with 2mg if you have any reservations. 4mg if you seem to have a little bit of confidence in your tolerance.

Please know while reading this that I am not promoting any of these methods. In fact, I actively try to warn people that addiction is something they can get over and will destroy them if they don’t.?With higher highs always comes lower lows and an endless spiral into destruction. You deserve better than that.

I’ll end this post with a sobering reminder about this drug. This is a quote from a contributor on a forum who warns people about her fathers experience with dilaudid.

“…?Seriously, dont play around with Dilaudid. My father was perscribed them for back injuries sustained at work in 1995 and i watched him slide down a long 8 year slope of hell…I’ve seen it first hand beginning to end. He shot himself Halloween night 2003 because of it. He would down (5) 24mg capsules easily in a few hours. I’m not creating a pity thread i’m just living first hand experience. Hydromorphone is playing russian roulette…with 3 bullets.”

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  1. wow,i snorted 90 to 120 mgs of oxy 30 mixed with valium and did not nod out.i use to get 8mg of dilaudid but never snorted it (thank god).i recently went to detox cuz my tolorance was off the wall,if i did not stop i would be dead.The last few time i scriped up it was horrable,what could go wrong did go wrong,i had a few incounters with cops that did not end well.allso i ended up in the pycho ward twice .the second time i was there they try to detox me with junk,i left there sick and went straight to detox after 10 years of doing the shit.I dont recomend snorting oxy or any other opoid,it wont end well for you.

    1. Yeah you definitely had a tolerance that was up there. I’m glad things got better for you. Thanks for sharing, Rob.

      1. Why do you need to beat the guy up on his spelling. Don’t be an asshole. What you said had served no purpose other than to let everyone here know your a dick.

        1. None-ya

          Small insecure people look for anything they can use to, “knock someone down a peg”. It’s a feeble attempt to make themselves look more intelligent, competent, evolved, etc. Most of time it fails and people are able to see through their petty criticisms; thus drawing attention to their insecurities and rendering their pathetic attempt null.

    2. Sixtyhavingfun

      Just an after thought, you shouldn’t be afraid of tolerance for light use for instance, if you use it everyday for 14 days in my opinion you’ll be slightly addicted.
      I would think anyone should be able to feather the dose, weaning yourself off in two to three weeks max or cold turkey takes 3 days for the physical the psychological part takes longer up too and including 6 months.
      Bear with me, if you booty bump 8 -12 mg this isn’t enough to make you nod off in my opinion. However, If you go the IV route 12 mg would give you a great nod.
      This is what I do to make sure we have a safe fun time every time, I use for a day or two Multiple times a day then I don’t use for double that time. I’ve never had a problem weaning off diHydromorphine using this formula!

      Please be safe

    3. Yeah I try to warn with first hand exp snorting leads to banging os for the ones not used to the term it means shooting up . It never ends well after that se you find out that different roads lead to greater potency swallowing is fairly low and slow while snorting liquid solution bumps up the potency and speed it hits you at while shooting ups the potency sometimes up to or past. 4 fold and hits instantly so hard you get a super rush that will buckle your knees and once you exp the rush there’s no going back to swallowing or snorting so my best advice is avoid opioids at all cost it you aren’t a trama patient in severe pain . Definitely don’t try them recreationally swallow them don’t snort them if you have to take them and definitely don’t shoot them it ruined 27yrs of my life I swore I’d never be on junk snort and doubly swore I’d never shoot up but it will inevitably end that way with opioids if you aren’t very strong willed and even most of the strongest willed ones like me still end up crossing all three boundaries even though I swore I’d never even try it in any way stay safe if you need to feel better work out if you try opioids you will never feel good again and never have anything it has a 90 percent relapse rate folks ……stat safe

      1. As someone with 20yrs experience w:Hydromorphone inc. 16yrs of IV use (and educated in psychopharmacology), I can tell you for a fact that the body rush you are immediately feeling is primarily the HM irritating or causing an allergic reaction in your vascular system (veins & arteries). When you are shooting up a dissolved tablet (the round ones), or the crushed, dissolved & filtered triangular tabs (which don’t dissolve completely, their particles can clot capillaries & esp. in pulmonary tissue) you are injecting an unbuffered and very concentrated solution of the drug (the round pills use dextrose as their inactive components, so like any other sugars, when you boil it, it will thicken up too). Unlike the IV dilaudid used in a hospital it’s not PH balanced and not diluted by the IV saline.

        After doing this for years, or doing it often, the irritation to your veins will scar heavily internally (and so will the skin & tissue around them – even when using a 31g needle and controlling bleeding). Eventually you will end up with capillary leakage, you will damage and scar the endothelial lining of your veins and the valves in your leg veins eventually causing severe edema (I can gain or lose 30-35 lbs of edema fluid in a few days from it, and the thickening it can cause in my blood used to prevent me even be able to pull and get any flash when using anything smaller than a 28g rig).
        I abandoned IV use because I simply ran out of veins I could use, and the damage done to my veins, the lining of my heart and to my lungs mean that I get winded walking 50yds to my mailbox.

        So yeah why you get approx. 2x 2.5x the potency by bypassing first past metabolism when you inject it, the long term permanent physical damage from the drug itself isn’t worth it.
        Eventually not only will the direct effects of the HM on your autonomic response keep you from being able to climax during sex, the vascular damage eventually means that if you’re a guy that floppy ED from the damage to the corpus in your penis, if you’re a girl – similar effects will damage the tissues which provide you your orgasmic response.

        As for tolerance, at one time (2006-08) I was on RX opioids that were the equivalent of 1650mg of morphine a day (inc Actiq – transmucosal fentanyl 4x1600mcg/day), and have IV’d 32mg a pop of HM several times a day.
        I tapered down myself to only 180mg MS eq and had been stable there for years before the CDC mandate cut that in half w/zero taper.

        If you want to avoid developing tolerance, and help avoid many of the more physical causes of dependence then you can try supplementing with high dose chelated magnesium and about a gram of agmatine per day. This combination potentiates the effects of opioids on your Mu Opioid receptors and helps to keep tolerance to a minimum.

        BTW – as someone who goes through withdrawals on a monthly basis now, it’s complete bullshit that the physical withdrawals/detox is over in 3 days (maybe if you’ve only used a couple of months), but long term use induces long term semi-permanent changes in your neural makeup, endocrine system, and in your neurotransmitters.
        It can take months for the physical withdrawals to complete and years before the cravings and psychological dependence to fade (especially if you remain around cues of use).

        Kratom has been a godsend, and in MY experience works better than buprenorphine when it comes to managing withdrawal symptoms – but YMMV, and nothing I’ve said here should be interpreted as “medical or legal advice”.

        Yeah, a lot of people abuse this med (& others) by IVng their oral meds, but even if you avoid overdose, infections & abscesses, after years the damage done to your body can be a far bigger issue.
        The IV experience simply is not worth what it does to your body.

    4. PezzyBaby

      I’ve been doing herion for over 20 years clean for year now detoxing off methadone cold turkey not fun let me tell you and I lived in Chicago all my life always had best shit around time to change let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to ease withdrawal leave a comment

  2. My sister was under the impression that railing Dilaudid only bared its fangs of potency at adventurers with zero opiate tolerance. She tried a few 2mg orally and was severely disappointed. Suffering from TMD and being on a perpetual ZoHydro regimen my sister knows her tolerance is up there, but eating a 10mg Perc still puts her in a wonderful place, so she railed one of the D’s she had left and still wasn’t impressed compared to an oral Oxy. Is this typical? She’s read around quite a bit about this with mixed results.

    1. Hi Ayashi.

      You know, I really don’t know enough to give you two solid advice. There must be some cross-over with tolerances if she was that underwhelmed.
      Hopefully someone else will comment on this thread and enlighten us a bit.

    2. John stamos

      I have problems like that to everyone around here loves the Dillys and then I hate them a guy puts 8mg of his nose and doesn’t feel a damn thing and then takes a 30mg roxy and feels like he’s onto of the world the dilaudids just don’t effect him at al keyhole everyone else seems to love them

      1. Oxycodonne contin..les 30mg..sont les best…elles sont justes dure a egrainer….ca vous prend absolument un grindeur de qualit?….soyez prudent cest es fort…elles sont rouges et contiennent des billes a l’int?rieur…mettre en poudre et snifer

    3. Matthew Davison

      I am not a medical professional and my advice is not medical advice. I am a resercher in biological physics.

      Every person has their own reaction to drugs. One dose that gets one person high on their first experiance might kill another person on their first use. Same goes with addicts who have used just as long and just as much.

      Also hydroMORphone has a potency equvilent of 2mg (oral) ===> to 6-8mg (oral) oxyCODone. If you figure a 25% cross tolerance between the two you looking at more around 4-6mg

      1. Since oxycodone & codeine have to be metabolized to morphine in the body before they do their work, that has a lot to do with the different experiences w/it for a lot of people.
        Hydromorphone is a much stronger/purée Mu Opioid receptor agonist than morphine (& most other common opioids except the fentanyls).

        However it doesn’t cross the BBBarrier fast enough to cause the body rush people feel when popping it, that’s actually mostly caused by vascular irritation & its effects on the periphery nervous system/spinal cord receptors.

        It will fuck up your vascular system if you abuse it long term.

        1. The first I did dilaudids, I got ticking in my ears (I’m assuming like tinnitus except I never had that). It went away in 2-4 days but was annoying as hell. I had taken 1 8mg tablet orally plus snorted a half of another. After the side effects, I flushed the other 8.5 pills.

    4. feral_lux

      I’m not a medical professional, but I do have over 20 years first-hand experience working as an amateur recreational pharmacologist (ie junkie). With regards to the oxy vs hydro debate, I’d really have to say it comes down to individual preference and physiology. I’m on maintenance methadone (285 mg), and pretty much all opioids – including heroin w/ fentanyl – doesn’t make a dent. my mu receptors are maxed out. finito. however, once in a while, I can still get high from oxycodone (30+ roxies, at least). Other times I can’t. Who the fuck knows.

    5. Yes very tipical of dilaudid but it is a very potent opioid tell her to try mixing it with water and squirt it up her nose and she has a tolerance so try 6 mg instead of 2 dilaudid bars its fangs for potency when injected it’s 7 to 9 times as strong as morphine when Injected very addictive and i don’t advise you try it but if you do be safe research how to do it properly and have someone who knows how to do it properly inject you and i mean someone like a nurse not someone who thinks they know how and have nasal naloxone with you incase someone overdosed and never do it alone just incase you do overdose of you do these things it can save your life it’s very easy to overdose with these highly potent opioids.. since she has a tolerance start with 4 mg and if not impressed up it to 6 next time and 8 the next but more than likely 4mg will be enough to be as strong as a 10 or 20 mg oxycodone dose but with a rush that can make you feel like you had an orgasmic exp stay safe and addiction is real and this is very addictive and ruined my life for 27 yrs so be careful and don’t go multiple days in a row and stop and don’t use for twice as long as you use to keep physical dependence at bay

  3. I’m 44yrs old ,hit by a car I used perks to get started then went to oxy 80,s .I was first 1 on methadone in my area at as high ad 180 mls I’m lucky!Now get this I slip off ladder 3feet tibia plateau fracture with 12 screws two plates .I’m back needing these to manage my quality of life,I lost my kids my wife my job,my. Trust from family and friends!only to try again !live each day as a gift!Be kind to your family especially your kids!I’m alone to do it this time with nothing to loose!!But its not taking my soul !!!this time!!be honest talk to your doctor!!peace!!!

    1. Richard Lagasse

      don’t ever give up on yourself. even if you still struggle.
      It’s always better to live than hide.
      I know how hard it is. but you can win and start walking up for a change
      find an alternative to your life’s meaning.
      work on it.
      don’t expect miracles, that shit is powerFul. don’t quit.
      I will send you a prayer and I don’t even believe. but It’s worth a try if I
      get a tiny bit of interest from you.
      peace ??

    2. Try kratom. It is a miracle for pain and won?t kill you if you take too much. It?s a lifesaver for so many people.

        1. hey sorry this is so late. I am in Canada and get it from a website called canadakratomexpress. There are probably equivalent websites in the US. I don’t think it’s regulated in most states yet. they sell it at head shops too but at a much higher price.

          1. Bridget

            I’m in Alberta & I too use Canadakratom. More bang for your buck than what they sell locally here in Edmonton

      1. Kratom is more useful to stave off withdrawl symptoms than it is to control pain. I’ve used it for 18 years, and it never did do much for any of my pains. I won’t get into what those were – but it DID ease WD symptoms and cravings quite well.

        As far as pain control? some trains are slightly better for that than others, but the difference is still negligible with Kratom, at least in my experience, which is substantial. Maybe if you’re talking about the “pain” that comes with fatigue, then yes, Kratom provides relief, it’s a wonderful fatigue reliever – but actual pain from injury or something along those lines? Most people wouldn’t even notice a dent in it.

  4. glad to have read this because after taking meds orally and then trying rails your tolerance shoots to the moon and it seems as tho nothing works….time to quit !!! Before everything gets out of control….Thanks all

  5. I was in a motorcycle accident a few months back in July. Broke both of my femurs, my right tib, fib, and ankle, barely escaped death. I was on 4 mg Dillys for 2 months, my pain went away thankfully and I was able to get rid of them. Recently I had to go back for surgery on my right knee because it would only bend 20 degrees. After that operation my pain came back tremendously, I am now prescribed 8 mg hydromorphone. But the only way it really works for me is snorting it, I have a very addictive personality but for some weird reason I can drop opiated at the drop of a hat, even after taking them for months on end. I usually snort half an 8 mg pill and smoke a join and my pain is quite elevated. I’m glad marijuana will soon be legal in Canada, it really is an amazing pain killer and doesn’t make you sick. Peace.

    1. I had a few surgeries and let me just say that IV dil, and snorting very little of it is probably the best way to get the results you’re looking for if you are just trying to find that pain relieving high people talk about while using pain killers or some type of medication. But I got 8mg of dil and it helps lighten up that green with it.

    2. Brandi I like what u have to say about smoking a joint after u take your dillys it’s the right thing to do!! I’m the same as you have many surgeries for my back and the meds that I’m on like dillys 4mg they don’t really work for me seriously today I’ve tried to snort it half a 4mg tablet but I’m also on 3 oxys right now and snorted the 4mg dilly but don’t feel like the hydromorphone is not working like it use to unfortunately but that joint helps so much it’s like I can’t live without weed they will not legalize it here in AR but they would be stupid not to thanks for your story Brandi I’m with u all the way take care hun

      1. I here you brother, many back surgeries, lots off meds, i gave those 2 mg hydromorph cantin long action plus 1 mg dilis every 4 hours if i fell pain, wich i do so those dillis go quick, i sniff then 1 mg dilis . What i ll do is sniff 1 to get in quicker and swallo 2 so this kick in with hour. Between that i roll on nice big fat spliff and it usually do the job to get my mind of the pain for a whille

  6. Like anything in life ,the more you do it the less it works….I had a spinal fusion surgery and woke up in the middle of it….I guess after taking every opiate prescribed by doctors and not abused for eight years they don’t work anymore….now I live with pain… It’s funny when I was young a hated pills because I couldn’t drink on them without getting sick….now that I’m older and physically broken I have to take them for pain and to lower my blood pressure …. Now I hate them even more because they only take the edge off …they never stop the pain and I guess ,never will…the pain will end one day but so will everything else…sad!

    1. PainLevel11

      What was it like waking up DURING surgery? That is my worst fear, because I have heard horror stories about patients waking up during surgery, but no one in the OR can see it because the anesthesia makes moving or talking or even uttering a sound IMPOSSIBLE, so you are awake, feel the pain, hear everything going on, but no one knows you are awake. Yikes! Is that what happened with you? I am having surgery soon and need to know …. just in case! What did doctors do when they discovered you were awake during surgery? Did you feel them moving about inside you?

      1. Worst fear. Sorry it’s not that frightening. I woke up like a cold dead body and the doc was confused… How could he be awake (high tolerance)… The fear I got out of it was knowing what was happening but no feeling… Was I dead or alive I asked myself.

        1. same happened I was awake during hip surgery,had bowen my hip and I needed
          ER surgery the doctor was suprised I was awake could feel everything hear them talk and I could talk to them they gave me a second dose of anastasia and nothing happened still fully awake

        2. I completely understand !!! I’m a ginger and as almost everyone knows , us redheads have an oddly high tolerance to opiates and an even higher tolerance to anesthesia, so at 28 I was having an emergency cesarean, and of course the anesthesiologist didn’t give me enough meds ,because that’s the way surgery has been my whole life even tho I’ve never used narcotics recreationally or legally , I end up feeling everything within 10 min of them cutting into my belt which is 30 min tops from getting my spinal tap and I’m screaming and freaking out so bad that the Ob/Gyn calls the anesthesiologist back in and bluntly demands he ” knock me out ” and as I fade I hear her demanding to know why he under medicated me and he says I had no idea she was a ginger , she obviously colors her hair………

  7. I have a chronic pacreatitus/gastroenteritis condition, and the ONLY thing that stops my horrible attacks- is dilaudid. I HATE the stuff, but it’s the only thing that helps. I found that if I put it under my tongue, it takes about 45 mins to totally dissolve, and the taste makes me want to vomit, so I cannot use it this way. I have had to resort to snorting. It works!!!! I start with around 2mg, and then go into the shower and let the hot water hit my lower back. Then I take some small snorts of water, and that helps it to come on quickly. If it’s still happening, I snort another 2mg, and back to the shower. That usually ALWAYS does it.

    1. I have the same problem …have u been diagnosed? No one can seem to figure out mine it’s very frustrating n the pain is excruciating

      1. chronic pancreatitis here too, the pain is everything and everywhere and it never lets up. still waiting to find the combination of a dr willing to write for meds and meds that work. the only time i don’t hurt is on iv dilaudid

  8. 8mg is totally safe for even a first time user as long as it’s snorted or eaten. I haven’t abused opiates in over a year and am down to 1 mg suboxone daily. I found a few 2 mg dillys yesterday. Popped 2 snorted two and still barely felt high. There’s no way an 8 mg would make you sick unless u shot into your veins in one blast. I suggest you take 10 to 14 mg if you aren’t a first timer. If you haven’t done them.before go in increments of 4 mg until you’re satisfied. Give an hour after each dosage to let it kick in so you don’t OD. Happy painblasting.

    1. Dillyz and meth

      I have a history of heroin and pain pill abuse. I got my leg amputated and am in pain all the time. I get diluadid, methadone but a very low dose of both. I snorted 10mg diluadids and took 2 orally…still feel nothing. But now i am out of them because i took them all…will the methadone for sure help with the withdrawal i know ill have tomorrow?

      1. PainLevel11

        I always run short on my pain meds each month because my body needs more due to tolerance, and my pain doctor won’t increase my pills or dosage because I’m on the highest amount possible already. It sucks. They say valium or Xanax helps with withdrawals from opiates. One time when I landed in ER on day 6 of detoxing on my own cold turkey, they prescribed me this patch that was $50 for 4 patches that is supposed to help with withdrawals from opiates and/or anti-depressants. That is $50 WITH insurance. Yikes! I used them, but I still suffered withdrawal symptoms. It sucked.

    2. Well things are a bit different if you’ve been on suboxone for a while. Even 1 mg, suboxone has a long life in your system and if you’ve done it for a few weeks, or months, it builds up. Take it from someone who’s been through sub-withdrawal. The first 24 hours or so arent even the worst. So yeah, if you have sub in your system, taking two 4 mg’s of dilaudid wont do shit. Subs are literally opiate blockers, so. But to someone not on subs with less of a tolerance? Dont listen to this dude above. Take it slow. You can always take more, but doesnt work the other way around.

  9. dilaudid doesn’t work well snorted as powder, i never tried dissolving it first. it’s better eaten. however it is about 6x more potent mixed with a bit of water and injected. best bang for the buck if you aren’t afraid of needles. ymmv

  10. Dominik

    Ender- You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. You are on suboxone yet you try opiates? Then you say you hardly got high? Suboxone has naloxone in it which is an opiate blocker therefore you can’t get high. Then your recommendations are just horrible! “if you haven’t used Dilaudid before go in increments of 4 mg.” If you are trying to help do some research before you get other people hurt with your “reccomendations.” This isn’t a game people are hurting themselves because of morons like you.

    1. Just so you know @Dominik, the naloxone in suboxone is not what blocks the high. It is the Buprenorphine that prevents you from getting high because it has such a strong binding effect on the opioid receptors… Honestly, Naloxone was put in suboxone for a couple of reasons. One reason being so that the price of the medication becomes way more expensive. For instance, I have been on Suboxone/Naloxone 8mg/2mg 3 times a day for some time. Without health insurance or help from a Suboxone program(which I am thankfully on… It’s called “Here To Help” here in Florida FYI.) then the price for a quantity of 90 of these sublingual strips filled at Walgreens comes out to be just over $800.00. And the price does not differ very much no matter what pharmacy you take it to. So that is one reason Naloxone is put in Suboxone is because Naloxone is such an expensive drug and that way “Big pharma” can jack the price way up like that which is absolutely ridiculous. And here is a little comparison to show just how much the price difference is comparing Suboxone/Naloxone to Subutex(which has no Naloxone in it)…. Suboxone 8mg/2mg roughly $800.00-$820.00 for a quantity of 90 where as 8 mg Subutex is around $150.00-250.00 roughly for a quantity of 90. My point being that 8 mg Suboxone and 8 mg Subutex is literally the same thing(buprenorphine) except for the added Naloxone in Suboxone with the price of Suboxone being way more expensive thanks to the Naloxone. Now the second reason that I’ve learned that Naloxone is in Suboxone is to discourage people from putting it in a rig and trying to shoot it. I learned all of this from my own personal experience, a lot of research, and from my own doctor being up front with me about the subject. Anyways, I apologize for the long paragraph but I just wanted to put this out there to clear up the air about Suboxone and the roles that buprenorphine and naloxone actually play in the drug. So in conclusion, it is basically pointless to have Naloxone mixed in with Buprenorphine to make up Suboxone besides those 2 stated reasons above. Anyways, good luck to all of you here that are struggling. You are not alone. Peace

      1. U say naloxone is expensive but they give it out for free in my state..Rhode island to opiate users and family members in the case of an overdose to prevent death I also hear they are giving it to prison inmates with drug problems when they are released due to hi death rates of recently released inmate deaths. guys go to jail with a big habbit.( high tolerance) but because there were no drugs in jail there tolerance goes back down but they still think they can handle what they used before entering prison then od ..sadly this happend to a good friend of mine and he passed away only a month after he turned 21 he is dearly missed rip brad but with that said naloxone and or narcan are given out free of charge and it has saved many lives so I urge opiate addicts and or family members to go to most pharmacy and or needle exchange programs and just ask for. Narcan it could save your life or someone else’s it comes in an iv with easy instructions or in a nasal spray form were if the Pearson is unresponsive u just spray the stuff up there nose or if it’s in needle form u just inject into a muscle area like the thighs or your rear end ……I hope my post is helpfully to all

        1. I know this post is old but I’m on dilaudid and fentanyl patch after 3 back surgeries and fusion which left me in agony. Even a dilaudid med pump didn’t do anything. Anyway my doc wanted me to have a narcan pen incase I needed it. With insurance it was going to cost me $1000 and I’m in Ma. I would love to know where to go in RI to get it for free.
          I’ve never smoked anything in my life or anything illegal. Never been on opiates until this injury and quite frankly they scare the crap out of me. I see my pain management doc in a few days. Ma is one of the few states where cannibus has been legalized. I read what you all write about smoking it, I just wonder if I take it in a pill form if it will have the same effect?

    2. Buprenorphine the main drug in suboxone is the opiate blocker. The naloxone is there to deter injection of suboxone which is actually a big problem in other countries. Its a partial agonist and full antagonist which is why you feel better and less wd but don’t get fucked up. If you take it too soon after using other opiates, whether it’s suboxone or subutex, you precipitate wd because it bumps the full agonist opiates currently chilling off the receptors in your brain and since its only a partial agonist you get sick if you take either too soon. Look it up. I know this thread is old af but i would say 80%+ have no idea how buprenorphine works. Goodluck

      1. Forgot to add, for some reason a small % of people are not affected by naloxone. Also there are factors such as how much bupe containing product you’ve taken. There are many different opiate receptors in your brain and subs don’t block all of them and it won’t block the majority if you don’t take enough sub which is why there are so many different doses prescribed. There is a ceiling effect since its a partial agonist sooooo more sub isnt always better. Reading is still helpful especially if you dont want to be a casualty because a doctor was getting kickbacks from a pharm corp.

  11. Troyster

    Please to all out there DO NOT TAKE ENDERS ADVISE OF 8mg is safe for a first time user if you eat it or snort it. That dose of Dilaudid could easily make a opiate naive person have serious problems or even OD. @Ender if you are taking Subs and have for a while like it sounds you should be well aware that subs contain naloxone an opiate blocker. The reason you barley felt anything of course is because you had enough naloxone to reverse a lot of the dilaudid effect.

    While I strongly advise not to experiment this way (it will quickly become a problem) Please if anyone out there wants to experience sniffing Dillys that is opiate naive or just experimenting start with very small portions like half a 2mg at a time wait 10-15 min if your not to that magical place try another very small amount and so on until you are where you want to be. You can always take a little more but can never take back what you did and a lot of times its to late without naloxone (Narcan) you could die.

    For those who will criticize me and say he don’t know what he is talking about blah blah blah. While I will not get into my personal issues. I will tell you I have a daily habit that would make most people’s addictions look like kindergarteners that started years and years ago with experiementing trying to make the pills work better to control my pain level. Good luck and please be safe!

    1. I absolutely agree! My first time I did 6mg snort of hydromorph I was puking non stop. Couldn’t even see straight. Now I’m at 48mg easily. Some days 60mg+. Depressing how quick it got outta control. Go to work every day pretending everything is ok. 🙁

  12. Amen thanks for sharing its rough being in pain I have cronic back pain from hurnieated lower back disces and am taking 4 mg hydromorphone don’t seem like enough I was geting 20 mg oxy and am detoxing right now it sucky be safe all know your limited and be safe.

  13. I’m trying to wean off a 12 mg hydromorphone (dilaudid) per day issue. 6 x 2 mg pills insufflated per day. I am down to 6 mg per day… splitting the 2 mg pills in half and doing one here and one there when I get antsy. 6 mg per day is my prescribed dose. I don’t recommend getting into dilaudid ever. I came off them once cold turkey. It took a week. It was terrible. After 4 months I said “oh… I can take one” and here I am again. I want off them totally. Just don’t go there in the first place.

  14. First off you can take this advice to the bank as I am a first time user. I drink on weekends with friends like everyone else. I use cocaine recreationally a couple times a month. I can go through a gram by myself with some drinks no problem. Vancouver it’s really easy to get good stuff. I recently tried hydros 2mg. Railed 1, nothing really happened. About 20 min later did another 2mg and fuck wow. It’s like a state of relaxation for your entire body. You feel a little queasy but tolerable. Try cutting the lawn after that..good luck! I personally wouldn’t do any more. 4mg is plenty and it last for a couple hours. I have used it to counter the effects of a night of cocaine. Pretty good stuff but not really into pills. I’m gonna try just popping them next time. Also, never go the route of shooting them, that’s when you know you’ve crossed the line. Good luck, hope this helped. Especially for the odd cocaine user.

  15. jonny rocket

    yo bro, i have a bunch of 2mg hydros. my new girlfriend wants these bad. we will snuff them till the cows come home.

  16. I’m scared and way hooked. Had my L5 S1 fused two years ago, and my other discs and my hips are done for. In the past 24 hours, I’ve snorted 72mg of dilaudid, and haven’t slept in two days I was in so much pain yesterday that I was screaming and crying for it to stop. I ended up splitting a 50 of some black tar with my brother and snorted it, and it was primo. Then snorted 2 dillies and ate one. I just wanted to nod off. Didn’t happen. Once the pain subsided, I didn’t want to sleep because I felt normal. I’m not nodding off now. Has anyone else ever had a tolerance like this? Because I know it’s bad and my life is in shambles. I’m a 37 year old disabled ex roughneck, roofer, and framer. I can’t do anything without dope, I am scared to even apply for a job because when I’m on almost exactly 36 hours without a fix I get violently ill. I want to be clean and have a normal life somewhat, as much as I can. I’m a great looking, funny, fun loving and smart man when I feel good. Which is only when I have this high amount of dilaudid and H or oxy in my system. I get 120 10mg percs every month, they are usually gone in no more than 5 days. HELP PLEASE!!!

    1. Michael G

      Hey D! I’ve only read this column today. Severe pain and hard-core narcotics are a horrible road to be on. And all against your wishes! I was introduced to this world and found there is no solution. The most potent drugs in the world become the other end of the sword. I fooled around with heroin when I was 17, back in 1969. I got addicted, was totally screwed, and spent years in the joint. In the past 15 years or so, I’ve had to deal with serious medical issues. Nine surgeries. I’ve had three bowel resections and others so I could walk again. I realized that there is no high left for me, anywhere on earth. I had to surrender. Two years ago, I got on methadone maintenance. It’s been the only thing that has helped. It DOES have analgesic qualities! I have stayed off the narcotics. It is so nice to get out of the nasty world of junkies, cops, destitution, and prison. It works for me. I still have a hard time walking. I have Crohn’s disease. But I am a junior in college and attend AA. Now I am 64 years old. My love and prayers go out to each and every one of you! Michael.

    2. Sub,s, sub,s, sub,s…… take those for 2 weeks to hold off the dreaded DT’S, then quit taking the subs. Don’t take the subs any longer than 2 weeks tho or you’ll just be changing addictions. Best of luck.

  17. So Johnny u say u guys sniff them till the cow’s come home do they get u high? do u nod out on them? cause I shoot like six 4mg dillys and feel absolutely nothing no rush no nothing not even a taste in my mouth like when u I’v dope but weirdly when they ivd 2mg of dilaudid at the hospital I instantly got a good rush and taste in my mouth also nice euphoria for about an hour and would take pain away but when I’m at home I tried crushing the pills and shooting them and felt nothing I think well I know actually at hospital it was dilaudid in a liquid form I just don’t get it thou why when I shoot the pills I feel nada. Does any one now why or how I can get that same feeling I felt in the hospital cause I get a script of 120 4mg dillys and 60 8mg dillys I’ve even tried shooting 5 of the 8mg ones all at once and still feel nothing. I crush the pills to an extremely fine powder and it mixes and dissolves perfectly with the water.I just mix it up I don’t ad heat to it cause it mixes so well what am I doing wrong? I feel like shooting 40mg would knock me out but like I said I feel nothing so I get almost 200 dillys a month and sadly they have no effect on me anyone now why?????? So very very wierd

    1. Madusldasl

      Are you applying heat? Do not heat the dillies, they don’t need it. It actually ruins the hydromorphone.

    2. Yo I’m a cancer survivor. I know the hospital heroin rush. From what I read you must use a solution to properly dissolve your hydromorphone at least warm water do your research on shooting this there’s enough science out there on forums about it. I believe you feel nothing if true it is because you aren’t getting it sufficiently dissolved to be in your system. Snorting one of your 8mgs in powder sounds nice right now: 40% avg BA(bioavailability) mmmm

    3. Michael G

      Hey, Deebo!
      Sorry, but I gotta laugh at myself. I thought I was the only one who experienced these phenomena. I started running Dilaudid back in the 70’s. These were the 4mg ones from Knoll. The rush was immediate and intense. Now it’s the 80’s. What I thought was the same drug gave me no rush whatsoever. I got a script of 90 4mg yellow tabs, again from Knoll. I shot a few. Sniffed a few more. Plugged many. And waited. Waited. Eventually, I was in a blackout, probably from also drinking alcohol. I must have written a letter to Knoll, then in P.R. and put it on my fridge. The next morning, I woke up and found the letter. It said, “Hey, Knoll. Why did you take the rush out of your Dilaudid? I am a faithful user and they are not fun anymore!”
      Good thing I didn’t mail it! Knoll would have laughed their asses off at me!
      Thereafter, the rush was just NOT THERE! When I was in the hospital having belly surgery, I insisted on IV Dilaudid. I couldn’t get the nurses to push it fast enough. The rush was back. Yeah, so somehow they took it outta the pills. Damn. Funny story but it is true. Michael age 64

  18. If you are shooting 5 eights (8 mg) and feel nothing, somthing bad is occurring. The drug is not effective, you missed a vein or you have an incredible tolerance. Your way out is to get help. You have entered uncharted territory. Most do not return from mistakes.

  19. I live in Calgary Alberta where in the last few years street fentanyl has been real big I do roughly 7-10 pills a day they are stamped with cdn 80 how will 2mg hydromorphone react with that

    1. alberta rush

      2 mils of hydro wont do shit if your doing 7 to 10 of the fentanyl “beans” a day. i also live in southern alberta and fentanyl is taking over and is the most potent opiate available to us in this area by far. i also do the fentanyl pills or shady 80s and i have to do at least 10 mgs of dilaudid to get a little buzz and sniff 16 to 20 mgs to get a good high comparable to the beans.

      1. I been taking dilaudid for at least 10 years and I always take it as prescribe by my Doctor and I am able to manage my pain since I have 8 back surgery and still walking. I’m reading this and every one are just talking to get the high and not the pain if you take it as prescribe you’ll get the high all of the time just like the 1st time try it.

  20. A lot of you guys are missing a GIANT point, when you are getting the IV shots in the hospital, you are getting a pure form of the drug. Then you get out and get or buy the pills, what all else is in those pills, usually ibuprofen or something of the sort. I’m going just a little over 2 years since having a lower back fusion (i was a mechanic for 30 + years after about the 7th major back injury, the Doc told me your done!! Said I had maybe 1 year left tops then the chair, like a dumbness I had the surgery. S1 up to L3-4 I’ve never been the same since, he told me vertabre were 90? turned and no disc left. He had scheduled the or for 6 hours, 9 hours later he was still at it, now I have about 4 feet of titanium and15 bolts shouted up my ass. Oh yeah now he says I need more surgery L3 up to like T7 and neck done too, after you have the 1st surgery everything goes out too. I used to take mscotin ER400mg x 3 a day, & 60 mg of roxycodone for break-through pain, with that I could drink a fifth of rum and get stoned. The pot put me over the edge, I could do stuff, and function but the next day was pure hell cuz I had over done what my back could handle. Then surgery, but I had to go to detox first NOT FUN. I know its fucked but take your pills as they say, it takes the edge off but not all. Or go to medical marijuana if pose, I feel for you I’ve been there, if you get right down to it, it’s the fucking deal and fad telling the docs how much we can have (pain meds). I would NEVER put a needle in my arm so that’s OUT,so what do you do ……. Detox and start over I guess, for me I have no life, I’m in prison…. A 38 looks great sometimes…… Good luck to you all.

    1. Why are you in prison? Just curious if it’s drug related.

  21. Farcanaussie

    2 weeks ago I had shoulder surgery in Canada. I was then traveling to Bali. I was originally prescribed 65 2mg dialudid. I took them orally as normal. I was almost out before I went away and didn’t wanna have issues with pain 30000 feet up. So I explained myself to my doc and she prescribes enough for the entire trip, 330!!!! I have never done opiates recreationally and was thinking of crushing one of these and snorting it. I’m kinda terrified to after reading this thread. I just want a nice high. Nothing crazy and I definitely don’t wanna die haha.

  22. I still don’t understand how i can snort or take orally the 4mg D and it helps with pain, but doesn’t get me high. I can snort or orally take a roxy or hydo 10mg and be feeling like super woman. Does anyone know as to why this happens? I’m sure the answer is above, but way to much to sort through. Thanks for your time reading this.

  23. my friend just snorted 10 2mg dilaudid also drinking rum and coke…. 4 is what she told me… i live in the south… texas… she is up in Iowa… I’m freaking out she told me she just threw up and feels like she cannot function right… she’s been prescribed this for a long time now and I know nothing of this fucking drug can someone please telll me what the hell to do.. I told her to stop drinking and drink water and gag herself to get it out of her system… was this wrong advice?????? please I hope someone answers

  24. Big oppy

    Differant pills and mg’s works
    On Every body in differant ways. Being on one medication for too long Your body gets immune to it. So every 3/4 months you should switch up your opiate medications entry differant things then go back and forth to
    Old ones. Everything works differant on everyone. Never the same. Good luck with your highs guys

  25. I take 24 mg every 12 hours.
    Started on 1 mg three years ago.
    Slow release take forever to kick in.
    Would never snort them !!
    Thought it was crohns, did multiple tests.
    Now find out bladder cysts. Pain !!!!!
    Sick of pills, unanswered questions.
    Wasted four years of my life to tests & expensive medication.
    At my wit’s end.
    Have plenty of pills to end my life.
    Hydromorphone makes me sleepy , so I will fall a sleep and stop breathing!!!!

  26. Everyone talks about the pain they have to control… That’s too bad to feel pain but I don’t…. I just want a buzz…..I can just admit it!!!

  27. I have had a brain surgery, 3 surgeries on both knees , fractured my c6&7 vertebrae had 4 surgeries to repair ruptured right Achilles tendon and now just ruptured my left Achilles Friday night and for all the other crap I have going on my Dr has me on 10mg Lortab which atleast dulls the pain to where it’s bearable but when I went to the damn E.R. for my Achilles on Friday night because the pain meds I have aren’t strong enough to work worth a damn because I’ve been on same dose for over 10 years they didn’t give me anything to get me through until the middle of the week when I can see my ortho surgeon I even called him up his advice was go to the e.r. I told him what happened and he was in total disbelief and actually pretty pissed off they treated me that way I’m at a loss I don’t know what to do but I know I can’t put up with this pain until Thursday since it’s only Sunday I’ve even tried taking 3 of the 10 mg lortab and nothing as far as relieving pain. Any suggestions or is Wisconsin just one of those states that the Dr’s are all ass holes that look at everyone that walks through the door like they are a drug seeker…. I mean I’m to the point if I knew where to go I’d just go to a corner and buy some damn coke and be number till Thursday (that was a figure of speech I stay away from street drugs) but any advice would be great if can’t deal with this much longer I took 2 xanax and an ambien trying to sleep last night and still was up in excruciating pain.

  28. I take 12 mg dialudid for chronic pancreatitis…it does not help…im thinking about snorting…should i start with 2mg?? Ive never done this but im desperate for some relief…

  29. Johnnydldid

    I’ve been snornting anywhere from 5 to 10 8mg hydromorphones a day and it’s getting ridiculous,because I don’t,feel anything anymore,and I’m honestly scared,to up and,up the dose…what do you all think I should do because it’s getting bad and I want to get off but the withdrawal are crazy

    1. To everone trying to get off opiated…get a few suboxone. 24 hours after your last opiate dose, take a 8mg sub. 24 hours later do same thing. 24 hours after that take 6 mg, next day 6, then 4, then 2. When you are down to 2 mg sub a day..just stop. Might be sick for a day or so then should be ok

      1. Cabelllero

        I agree with you a 100% with the use of suboxone to detox your self and or take an opiate vacation. It just makes me sick how much this drug costs if you don’t have the right insurance, as for me I’m luck as suboxone is covered at a 100% by my insurance. Sometime I will take sub just to see how I’ll do off the opiates and found out what is real pain vs what’s being hidden by the opiates even though suboxone is a different type of opiate with the buprenorphine and the naloxone

  30. I currently on 2-4mg of dilaudids and am 230lbs. I recently busted 9 of my ribs and collapsed a lung. Let me tell you, they knock me on my ass. I never take anything for pain and have been on these for a month. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone snorting or using for recreational use. They are a narcotic. It’s not cool. Live your life man! I only use them cause I need them not cause I want to. I hope I have a clean break from them. I pray for those that want them as opposed to needing them. Peace.

  31. Unfortunately I’m 28 years old I’m on 18mg Hydromorph at 7am
    12mghydromorph 12pm
    12mghydromorph 4pm
    18mghydromorph 8pm
    24mghydromorph before bed at 11 used to be on
    2 80oxycontin morning and bed
    3 40mg OxyContin morn noon night
    2 20mg OxyContin when needed

  32. Hi. I like ur phorum,for the most part. I’m an acute /chronic pain sufferer. I want to talk,share & learn with others. I consider myself to be relatively educated on opioids & other pharmaceuticals. I use all Ultra Conservatively! Nvr.established addiction or withdrawals with opioid or benzos. Been using xnx for yrs. I will 2-4x a yr. Abruptly stop..for 30hrs+(opioids),2-4 days re:benzoslooking for any signs of addiction,withdrawls, mntl,.physical,physiological. I simply do not withdraw!! If I don’t care & monitor myself unbiasly. Nobody else will.The dosages that people r alleging (120mg.+dilaudid)+??.incomprehensible) I use Vic.2-10/325 daily (try to keep it under that, only thing works on my migraines – take a qrtr to Max. 3/4 – 5/6 of a pill.per dose use as needed,(36frkn yrs.//oxy- 3 -15’s a day(not uncommon to need much more; a script for 2mg dilaudid ,oral .5,1.0 even a 2mg pill. Does virtually nothing. BUT I’ve,read,researched. This is what is working really well for me. .06-.125mg dld.,( Yes 1shot(snort)max when Pain soo bad) is .20mg.dld& 3 mg oxy.,all at once. <2mg.oxy, I crush together do a couple vry crshd,thin lines almost immediate results,use bal. in 1-3/4hrs. Less meds,better results. Better than when in Hosp. 2mg dld. very 3hrs. Is my new norm. PS. I don't get high or buzzed on opioids nor do I want to. After an average of 12-15 hrs.I attain a level of lucidity then can start doing things like laundry, the basics– R vry difficult. Thank you for listening. I would Greatly appreciate Anybody intelligent who has a comment,any polite response I'm open to.
    " A penny for ur thoughts" Happy holidays to one & all. God Bless.

  33. Cabelllero

    I have had many major surgeries which included my neck, lower back, both elbows ulnar nerves, both hands carpel tunnel and the latest left hip surgery about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I have been suffering from chronic pain since 2008 and going on 9 years of opioid use. Started on fentanyl, oxy and mscontin and now I get 120 4mg diladuid monthly along with 90 suboxone a month. I do not use any other opiate for 48-72 hours after taking suboxone as that is just a waste which can make you very sick if done and any sooner it can put you into immediate withdrawals. I have the sub in case I run out early of the dilaudid and thank God my insurance pays a 100% on both. I don’t waste much time with snorting as for me it just does not work as good. I got shit for vains and might get away with IV’g 3 times per arm and when I can’t do that I use it IM in my shoulder or buttocks. I’m up to 24mg per shot now. I just recently had to have surgery on my left shoulder from the abscess I created which was a frnkn mess. When I started on fentanyl I used to chew the patched and had 1600mcg lollipops which I would crush up and make fun dip putting the powder in my chewing tobacco. Once I got off of the nightmare of a ride and started on 2mg dillies I would always take it PO and on an empty stomach which made the affect that much better. What I have found is that the 4mg are the best as they contain almost no binder compared to 1,2 or 8mg dilaudid. I always get the 1000ml of 0.9% sodium chloride for sterile wound care to mix with the crushed dilaudid then use a 3ml syringe with a 1/2″ 25g needle that’s what seems to work for me the best. When I want to go on a holiday or run out to soon I always fall back on my suboxone to prevent the withdrawals. But all in all I would not recommend doing any of this as every ones tolerance is different and there is a high probability that you will OD plane and simple.

  34. Squared2002

    SonInam new here as Inhave been delaying trying something new. I had a major surgery go wrong and the dr ended up putting a hole in my intestine and then closing me up. After 3 days of sitting in the OR because my body basically felt like it was in shock they discovered the hole but during the previous 3 days my inside had become completely contaminated. Long story short I was in the hospital a month and a half and the whole time was on Dilaudid by IV. Have to admit it was nice I referred to it as my Cocktail time when it was time to get my shot. Unfortaunatly the relief would only last about 5-10 minutes. When I finally left the hospital they put me on Fentanyl 75 and was on that for about 2 years. Upon coming off that it was the biggest hell I had ever been through at this point. Took about 2 weeks to get clean. Shortly after recovering I had to go in and have my knee replaced with a Titanium knee, back on Dilaudid 4mg 6x a day with 30mg Morphine 2x a day. Tmi have been on this current cocktail for about 4 years now and truly feel the pills do nothing for the pain it just keep the withdrawals away. Being completely honest I don’t take my pills during the day I usually wait till I go to bed and generally take all 6 of the 4mg Dilaudid at that point. I am wanting to learn a little bit more about maybe another way I can take the Dilaudid maybe snorting it that might actually give me a little releif. I know there are risks but the pain and depression I feel for me far out weigh them at this point. Can someone give me the basics dos and don’ts of a first timer at this ? Please note I am not a young kid I am 46. Do I just crush maybe a half of a 4mg pill up and snort it and see how I feel or should I start with a smaller portion ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking at this as being a long term goal, In another month Inhave to have another knee replacement and after that will be going to a rehab to come off of everything.

  35. Squared2002

    SonInam new here as Inhave been delaying trying something new. I had a major surgery go wrong and the dr ended up putting a hole in my intestine and then closing me up. After 3 days of sitting in the OR because my body basically felt like it was in shock they discovered the hole but during the previous 3 days my inside had become completely contaminated. Long story short I was in the hospital a month and a half and the whole time was on Dilaudid by IV. Have to admit it was nice I referred to it as my Cocktail time when it was time to get my shot. Unfortaunatly the relief would only last about 5-10 minutes. When I finally left the hospital they put me on Fentanyl 75 and was on that for about 2 years. Upon coming off that it was the biggest hell I had ever been through at this point. Took about 2 weeks to get clean. Shortly after recovering I had to go in and have my knee replaced with a Titanium knee, back on Dilaudid 4mg 6x a day with 30mg Morphine 2x a day. Tmi have been on this current cocktail for about 4 years now and truly feel the pills do nothing for the pain it just keep the withdrawals away. Being completely honest I don’t take my pills during the day I usually wait till I go to bed and generally take all 6 of the 4mg Dilaudid at that point. I am wanting to learn a little bit more about maybe another way I can take the Dilaudid maybe snorting it that might actually give me a little releif. I know there are risks but the pain and depression I feel for me far out weigh them at this point. Can someone give me the basics dos and don’ts of a first timer at this ? Please note I am not a young kid I am 46. Do I just crush maybe a half of a 4mg pill up and snort it and see how I feel or should I start with a smaller portion ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking at this as being a long term goal, In another month Inhave to have another knee replacement and after that will be going to a rehab to come off of everything.

  36. unknown

    I snorted a Dilaudid and I don’t like that is there away to make it go away

    1. TresJolie333

      Totally felt that way when I recently took them for my kidney stones/Infection…I was like wow this is so good, it could easily BE BAD…and at such a small dose (1mg IV Dilaudid in hospital, followed by 2 mg hydromorphone at home). Luckily, I only have few prescribed for infection but worry about the WD…. although I stopped years of opiate abuse, due to never feeling high on any opiate like others, with sub….but still in so much pain from kidneys I worry I won’t be able to find sub by then. This is only opiate that has ever made me actually feel the euphoria feeling everyone always talked about…and relieved the worst pain I have EVER experienced in my life! Hope you’re doing okay!

  37. I just found this post, I realize it’s 2 years old but I wanted to leave a comment.
    I’ve been on opiates for about 6 years. Had a motorcycle crash and was introduced to oxycodone in 2011. I’ve used pretty much since then. Last week I snorted 90 4mg tabs of hydromorph in 2 days. That scared me so bad I’m coming off.

    God bless everyone

  38. I feel you guys on the pain, I’m 23 years old and 2 months after I turned 13 I had 5 spinal fusions for Scoliosis. My curve was 78?-83?, now I have about 50?-54? curvature. I live with the pain everyday, along with rheumatoid arthritis in my entire body, torn ligaments in both knees, a misplaced patella, fibromyalgia, and two autoimmune diseases. I was out on oxy 15s about a year ago and my tolerance has become stupid high. I have been doing heroin for about 2 months now and it’s the only relief I get. I don’t shoot, I snort. Everything, I chase the feeling of not being in pain. It’s sad. I feel like I’m stuck, but I can’t do anything about it. 🙁

    1. I have taken opiates for years and unfortunately had the bankroll to allow the habit to get seriously crazy. Where opiates do have there place in the medical world, they should not be used recreationally. Having a tiny pill control you and determine whether or not you can function is absolutely insane. Step outside the box and really think about it. I was so tired of being a slave to this stuff. To the people dropping comments I.e. First time use etc etc. Dont be a half stepping wanksta. If you have never used this crap don’t. This is coming from someone that used to do 15-20 30mg Roxi daily washed down with 5-7 xanax bars. Due to price quickly changed to straight dope and that’s when things really go down hill. To the people that never have tried these. Don’t. It’s all hype. For a little pleasure you pay dearly lots long term. You want to know what they do……… take all your belongings to the front yard and burn them. Call all of your family and friends and cuss them out so they no longer will speak to you. Upon completion of these tasks, you will have nothing and you will have no one. This is what opiates will get you. Don’t believe me, try it. Best wishes to all and stay safe.

  39. I received 4 8mg dillys as a gift. I am not new to taking drugs but it has been a long while and have never taken these. I’ve read up on different experiences in that some feel nothing etc.

    I will not IV but what kind of dosage and intake is advised if I am chasing a feel good high?

    1. If you want to feel something without IVing or plugging, I suggest snorting it.
      I personally started with 6mg but it was knocking me out. I then went for 3mg and it gave me a feel good high a couple times, then my tolerance went up.

      Note that I am 6′ 150lbs, you may need to take less/more depending on you

      The onset when snorted is about 15-30mins. If you don’t feel high after 1h, you can snort another 3mg

  40. I’m 21 118pounds 5ft 6inc and I’m snorting 8mg of hydromorphone at a time 3 to 4 times a day is that to much for my body weight

  41. You all are fuckin junkies that need to get of the smack or go to a big hole in the ground and berry yourself’s cause the world would be a better place without weak ass junkies thank you and have a junkie night.

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